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pointsupplies1 commented 3 months ago

If you want to maximize the performance and success of your next bass fishing trip, you need to upgrade your boat! Whether you’re a weekend warrior, want to spend some free time on the lake, or want to participate in a tournament as a fisherman, Rejuvenate Marine has put together some must-have Motorguide Trolling Motor Accessories.

Adding some of these upgrades and Electric Trolling Motor Accessories to your boat will help you catch more bars, while others will make your day on the water a bit more comfortable and less stressful. These recommendations include a variety of features designed to help maintain your boat and improve its safety.

1. Shallow Water Anchor

If you are heading into the water with a strong current or strong wind, make sure your low boat is anchored to the right, where a shallow water anchor comes in. Used on professional fishing boats, these anchors help the angler fish better in an area without constantly dragging the motor.

With the push of a button, they stretch out and anchor to the bottom, locking the bolt in place. Two of these anchors will immobilize your boat, so it’s well worth the investment.

2. Hot Foot Pro-Top Load accelerator

If your bass boat did not come with a factory-installed Top Load Accelerator pedal, do yourself a favor and obtain one from your dealer. Foot-operated throttles give your boat a faster response so you can make immediate adjustments and can hold the steering wheel with both hands to make adjustments, as your hands are now free. Professional anglers love foot throttles because it gives them more safety in the water.

3. Gator Guards keel protector

Protect your keel with a special protector mounted 4 to 6 inches above the water at the bow. This way, your keel will not be damaged by hazards such as boat ramps, rocks, stumps, sand, and other hazards. By protecting your boat, you are protecting your precious investment!

4. Perfect troll

The plug-in is becoming a favorite among professional anglers because it makes a huge difference in controlling the Bass Pro Trolling Motor Accessories when things like waves and torque get in the way of bass fishing. It is basically a small collar that can be easily attached directly to the shaft of the electric motor, just above the slewing bearing. You can easily adjust the perfect Troll settings however you want. A tighter setting makes it more difficult for the motorhead to spin out of control when fishing in strong winds or strong currents.

5. Humminbird HELIX 7 Series probes

Humminbird’s new HELIX 7 series fish finders are your perfect fishing companion as they all feature a 7 inch 480x800 HD resolution screen for a crisp, clear picture. Fishing and boating are made even easier with the ultra-wide 16: 9 split-screen ratio. There are eight models of the HELIX 7 series ready to meet all the needs of your anglers.

6. Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu Underwater Camera System

Never wonder if you see a fish or anything else on your map with this underwater camera that lets you see for yourself. This fish-shaped Underwater Camera System pairs perfectly with the sonar equipment you have, so you can see the fish before you jump in.

7. GoFree Hooked app

There’s an app for everything, and GoFree’s Hooked lets you track your location on your fishing trip and record anything you catch with things like stats, photos, and a location marker. There’s even a competitive community that you can join and compete with other friends and anglers.

8. Hydraulic pole anchors

Stop faster and safer, in water up to 10 feet deep, with the Power-Pole Blade Series. This must-have kit includes a durable Everflex nail that elevates shallow water anchoring to new heights.

9. TH-Marine socket

TH-Marine Pedestal Base Grip prevents water from entering the seat pedestal when not in use, fits all 1.77 ‘’ pedestals, and includes a sliding pin for quick removal and easy. The base cap is also die-cast, so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion.

10. Weego Jump Starter Professional

You want a Weego Jump Starter battery and cable on your boat in an emergency. These pocket cables can powerboats, trucks, cars, and ATVs. They even charge things like phones, tablets, and all your USB devices, making them convenient to take on your boat!

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