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lescongolais12 commented 7 months ago


Debout Congolais is the national anthem of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It was adopted by DRC in 1960 after getting independence from Belgium. But it got replaced by “La Zairoise” when the president changed the name from Congo to Zaire in 1971. But after the reversing the decision and naming the country Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997, Debout became the national anthem again and till this day, it is the national anthem of Congo.


The music is composed by Simon-Pierre Boka di Mpasi Londi and written by Joseph Lutumba. It is a melodious energetic song; the word Debout itself means “standing” which represent the never give up attitude of the proud Congolese people who have thrived through decades of war, government oppression and suffering just so that they can lay the foundations of a bright new world for the next generations; a world without corruption and evil.

The Debout song is entirely about the proud and rich cultural heritage of Congo and their peace loving attitude as well as their belief in hard work to achieve something beautiful.

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