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lescongolais12 commented 7 months ago

What Would Be the Effects of Mouvement Des Congolais?

Every movement has some consequences and outcomes. Most of these outcomes are positives. Also, there are some cases when you might see negative consequences as well. But the fact of the matter is, you have to ensure the result of your movement is positive. For that, the cause of your movement has to be on the right side. It is not the political ideology of left and right. It has to be the political and social right of the people of your country. There is no point in being an ignoramus. The Mouvement des congolais has a lot of significance for the future of this country. That is why you can easily relate to the results which are very much in the positive side of things.

Educational Improvement

Without a shadow of a doubt that because of the movement in Congo by the people of that country, there will be an educational reform which can easily change the fate of the country. Education is the base or the foundation of any country. Without educational prowess, no country can make substantial inroads to the world of the powerhouses. That is why the need for educational reform becomes more and more prominent. Moreover, there is a need for the world to stand up and see what is going on in your country and what types of talents to the country is producing. This can only happen when the educational framework of the country improves.

Economic Shift

Other than the educational sector, the economy of a country also plays a pivotal role in ensuring the fate of a country. Basically, without the economic growth of a country, there can be no educational nor infrastructure growth. As a matter of fact, every country has to gauge the parameters of their economic state. After the Mouvement des congolais, when the economy of the country sees a paradigm shift, there will be comprehensive development of the country.

Infrastructural Growth

There is no doubt that the infrastructural need for a country is the need of the hour and that is why infrastructure improvement has to be a priority of a country. After the Movement of Congolese, the people of the country will see a change is the infrastructure of the country. Because of this change, more foreign countries will come and invest in the country and Congo will once again become a voice with power in world politics.

So, there is no doubt that the Mouvement des congolais has tremendous significance as far as the future of the country goes. The people of Congo have the right to see their country flourish and that is why this Movement of Congolese will be successful.





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