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isabellakay commented 7 months ago
  1. Where can I find some

I am a writer. I have written multiple books till yet and day by day I have got to new things about the field. The experience is making me better. I have explored the field and have found that it is not just the writing skills that can make your book great but a number of other things will be required to make a book the one that people might actually like. Things like a good plot, proper marketing, and great distribution channels to be opted are also included in this and obviously, you can’t keep the attraction factors out. An illustration is a great way to make the attraction especially when it comes to the children book. I mentioned children book here because I am currently working on one. I have realized that illustrations can add value to the book and for children, it can make a thing to be easy and understandable. This is the reason I am looking for some affordable childrens book illustrators who can work this thing within affordable rates. Quality and affordable rates are the two requirements that I have regarding an illustrator.

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