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goldensun commented 5 months ago

What is consumer complaint forum?

It is an online an online based service provider, which provides the best e experience to the consumer, in solving their issues which is basically provided by the expert team who particularly handle each case with proper attention.

What is basically a consumer complaint?

The meaning of a consumer or customer complaint is a feeling of dissatisfaction of a consumer regarding any good or service by any aggrieved person against any department or company

Consumer Protection Act 1986

The consumer protection act 1986 is the most important law protecting consumer interest and providing legal remedies to consumers who receive inferior faulty or defective good or services.

Who can file a consumer complaint?

Anyone who receive goods or service for free.

A person receiving goods or services for resale.

Anyone who purchase goods or services for the purpose of trade.

A consumer case can be submitted in the following cases:-

·        The goods have a defect

·        The services suffer from any deficiency.

·        The seller or service provides follows restrictive trading practices.

This means that the seller agrees to sell the products or to provide the service only if the consumer agree to buy or hire some other goods or services. This condition deprives the consumer of his or her right to choose and is more restrictive in nature.

The seller or service provider follows unfair practice is a deception created by the seller to promote the sale of the product or service. The provision of false information about the goods or services. The making of a false guarantee for the goods of services or making false statement against the goods or services of another person with regard to the certain goods or services is cases of unfair trading practices.

The product or services are sale in a manner that violates any law. Read more

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