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As the signs and symptoms in the above list can also occur with addiction to other drugs, and to many physical disorders, it’s important to get medical advice.  What Symptoms Can I Expect to Have When Withdrawing from Xanax Bars? Withdrawal from any drug is not pleasant and the specific symptoms can vary from person to person. Physical symptoms may include:  Sweating Stiff and sore muscles Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea Headaches/Migraines Muscle spasms and tremors Heart Palpitations Psychological symptoms may include:  Insomnia Depression Anxiety and panic Irritability Isolating yourself from friends and family Sensitivity to noise Sensitivity to light How Long Will My Withdrawal Symptoms Last? Once again, this will vary from person to person depending on the length of their addiction, the dosage and other physical conditions.  As a rough guide,  Xanax bars you can expect to experience insomnia and anxiety from between 6-12 hours of taking your last dose. Flu-like symptoms and increased anxiety and insomnia can last up to 4 days.  From the fourth day, withdrawal symptoms should gradually lessen but can continue for up to 14 days. After two weeks from your last dose, you can expect any lingering symptoms to be minor. However, you may also experience a return to your previous symptoms if you were using Xanax bars to treat anxiety, depression, or panic disorders.  It is vitally important that your withdrawal and detox be overseen by a medical professional or someone who is very familiar with the stages of withdrawal from Xanax bars.  Was the information provided about Xanax Bars Helpful For You? Let Us know Here  You Might Also Be Interested In: Xanax Bars and Addiction Xanax is one of the best-known drugs in the country. Unfortunately, it's also one of…  Are You a High-Functioning Alcoholic? If you ask most people what an alcoholic looks like, they’ll describe someone who’s constantly…  Trazodone High – What it Does to Your Body, Risks, and Interactions Like all medications, Trazodone can be helpful for certain conditions buy Xanax online 

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