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galejones commented 8 months ago

As we all know that the use of smart phones is something that is literally done by everyone in the world. If you start noticing people who have smart phones with themselves and started keeping a count, it’s highly likely that you’ll lose count. Because the number of smart phone users is so high. From work to entertaining ourselves, we practically use it for everything. The use of game apps has increased over time. And if you want to Create An App For Iphone And Android, specifically game apps that are compatible and can run on both platforms iOS and android than you can do it by using a tool called “Unity 3D”. “Unity 3D” is a cross platform mobile development tool that helps you make great games with amazing graphics. After you’re done developing your code in C# or UnityScript you can export your game on your chosen platform and once you’ve gotten your game on your chosen platform, “Unity 3D” will also enable you to distribute your game to your appropriate app stores. Are there any other tools you can think of that can help you with cross platform game development?  

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