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How to Restore Printer Connection.

  • 60.xx-This error occurs normally in newer models. It is due a problem with the motorised tray lift. Check for any obstructions such as staples or paperclips.
  • 61-This error occurs due to the detection of a defective formatter board or bad memory SIMMs. You should reseat the memory chips or replace the formatter board to solve this error.
  • 62-Same as above.
  • 63-Same as above.
  • 64-This error occurs due to the detection of either a defective D.C. controller or defective formatter board. You need to turn the printer off and on or reseat the DIMMs formatter board to solve this error.
  • 65-Same as above.
  • 66-This error occurs due to the presence of an additional paper or envelope tray. You should check the connections between the additional units. If the problem is not solved, contact HP engineer.
  • 67-This error occurs due to a service printer error or a memory error. You can solve this error by checking the condition of paper trays. Check if they aren’t damaged along with connection cables or reseat any SIMMs if required.
  • 68-This error occurs due to a NVRAM error. You need to reset the NVRAM and printing a configuration page.
  • 69-This error is due to a problem with the duplex unit. You need to remove any obstructions that may be causing this error.
  • 70-This is due to incompatible issue of SIMM or cartridge and printer. It’s a rare issue, hence, you need to contact HP engineer.
  • 72-This error occurs due to the detection of a defective cartridge.


Printer Setup

  • 79-This error occurs due an issue with either an accessory, I/O card or the firmware. You need to update the firmware to solve this.
  • 89-This error occurs due to the PostScript ROM failure. You should check your PC ROM and change it if it’s damaged or corrupted.
  • 99-This error occurs due to firmware upgrade and a failure with the flash firmware. You will need to update to firmware or replace the flash firmware DIMM to solve this error.
  • Many of the errors can be easily solved. However, if you are reluctant on this matter, you can always take the help of experts to solve such errors. or
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