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Agmusgregory commented 11 months ago

Like in every other subject that students may take throughout their academic career, there are some tips for getting through finance homework without pulling out all of your hair. Here are some simple ways:

• If you happen to make mistakes, they can easily be erased, saving you the time of having to start writing again from the beginning.
• Mistakes can easily be made when numbers are written sloppily or if it is not properly organized.
• At a certain point, you are bound to get stuck on a problem.
• Work backward from the answer to the question to ensure that it has been done properly.
• If you are not certain that an answer is right, do an online search for the answer to the question and go step-by-step until you figure out where you went wrong.


Regards: Agmus Gregory

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DissertationHelpUK commented 9 months ago

The easiest way to learn is to start accounting yourself. You can probably join courses, read books, etc, but then the best way to learn is by practice. This clears out a lot of concepts.

I never appreciated my parents until I made a balance sheet for myself. They are my capital. And in their books, we are their assets.

You see accounting can be used to understand some other philosophies too. But then this is how I see. This works best for me. Give this a try, it might be helpful for you.

Regards: Dissertation Help UK

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