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zanika commented 4 months ago

What is OpenVPN technology and GUI client
OpenVPN is a technology that allows you to build an open source VPN network between client and server, site and site, on top of the Internet itself. Created by James Jonan on April 10, 2002, OpenVPN is still widely used by users to encrypt traffic and safely use the world wide web. Moreover, the popularity of technology is growing from year to year.
Working through TCP / UDP ports and SSL / TLS protocols OpenVPN has exceptional ease and simplicity in terms of configuration and installation. Cross-platform allows you to install the client on any version of Windows (including 2000 and XP), Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, Open, Net and FreeBSD without major changes in configuration and architecture.

Principles of OpenVPN:

Using a client / server architecture where OpenVPN is installed on each virtual private network node provided that one of the nodes is a server and the others are clients
Encrypts traffic that passes through a tunnel created using one of the TCP or UDP ports
Three types of authentication-static keys, certification, login / password
The first option in the setup is quite simple, but implies that a single key will encrypt and decrypt the traffic. This means that if the key is lost, the attacker can easily decrypt the data. In the case of certification and login / password, SSL technology built into OpenVPN is used to protect information. It is more difficult to configure and a little slower to work, because the server waits for confirmation when sending packets, but it is extremely reliable.

Using a VPN in a private user environment facilitates a dedicated OpenVPN GUI client. What is OpenVPN GUI? This is a graphical interface that allows you to work with VPN on a personal device. GUI client is an installable program of small size, with which the user can select a server to connect to, establish a connection to a virtual private network, see the connection log, etc.during operation, the GUI is hidden in the tray and does not load the system at all.

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