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ashu sharma commented 4 months ago

It is believed that the best way to stop nightfall is by changing the lifestyle and treating with the guidance of the Sexologist. This includes reducing the frequency of masturbation and avoiding porn and nude pictures. 


However, there are some ways to cure nightfall naturally by doing the following:


- Meditation increases concentration and inner feelings can be controlled. This helps distract men from indulging in unwanted activities and is very effective in controlling nightfall.


- Exercise and yoga allow a person to have full control of their mind, body, and soul. By doing regular yoga and exercises sex-related activities that induce nightfall can be avoided.


- Bathing with essential oils before going to bed is helpful as it relaxes the body and mind and allows a good sleep.


- Changes in diet can prevent nightfall. Men who suffer from this problem should avoid acidic food.


Curing nightfall is easy and should be recognized so that it does not hamper the sex life of a man.

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