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Marketing campaign management tools are pieces of software that help marketing professionals effectively manage their campaigns at Advertising Agency Billing Software.These tools have two broad categories: “best-of-breed” and “all-in-one.” Most marketers find that a suite of best-of-breed tools allows them to have greater flexibility and performance.


Asset Coordination and Management


Asset coordination and Advertising Management Software tools exponentially pay for themselves—by improving the quality of your marketing collaterals and making your work more efficient.


Asset Coordination


Filestage transforms the way marketing professionals guide their content review process. Before Filestage, this process was a mess of email chains and scribbles on scraps of paper. But today, marketers control the feedback and review process for all their collaterals—whether it’s a video, image, PDF, document, website, or something else.



Widen is a platform for digital asset Advertising Management Software that provides a shared space for marketing and technical teams. Specifically, it helps them manage and share their digital assets. It’s primarily used by midsize and large organizations that want to deliver a complete brand experience.


Channel Management


Marketers must use a range of tools to effectively promote their service at Advertising Management Software. They must also provide branding to leads and customers across a wide range of channels. Here’s a look at the best options out there .




Autopilot is marketing automation software that places a strong emphasis on creating visuals. In a bid to create loyal longtime customers, marketers can use this tool to plan the entire customer journey. To fulfill your particular preferences, Autopilot integrates with a range of popular apps and platforms.


Mail Chimp


Mail Chimp is an all-in-one platform that provides marketers with the functionality they need to organize their audience ERP Software for Advertising. This tool makes it easy for marketers to deliver the right messages at the right time, despite the size of the audience.

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