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RuciRoy commented 4 weeks ago

There can be various reason behind why your SBCGlobal emails go to the ‘Spam’ folder instead of inbox such as—


  • You’ve Mistakenly Added Unnecessary Spam Filter 

  • You’re Adding Misleading Subject Line in the Email

  • Your SBCGlobal Email’s IP Address Used for Spamming &

  • You’re Using Spam-Trigger Words in Your Email Content, etc.


Therefore, to get rid of the same, go to your SBCGlobal ‘Filter Settings’ to remove all the filters that you have mistakenly created (if any) then, sign-out from your account to regain access to your SBCGlobal email account to ensure the removal of unnecessary filters that even directs your important emails to spam. And, from now on, make sure to avoid using misleading subject lines and spam-trigger words in your emails.


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