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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

Apart from the quest Tale of the Righteous, we also can enjoy the highly-requested Kourend favour rebalance, change for the Fishing skillcape and Max cape, and more.

The best way to rebalance the favour attain rates throughout Kourend

The old School team has made many changes to rebalance the average time frame spent every house in the course of Kourend, making the road to help 100% favour more reliable between the houses, and generally faster. For example: In Piscarilius, often the favour for crane restore has been increased from 4 to 5, the favour to get break-ins from 16 to 20 while the chance of gaining give preference to when delivering fish is definitely increased from 1/8 to help 1/5.

Besides, from now on you the favour as a encourage by default upon the completing the Client of Kourend instead of the previous double favour.

What about other QoL updates?

The advantages of the access to Volcanic quarry has been decreased to 150 Kudos. And there is a teleport to Otto’s Grotto added onto both the Fishing cape in addition to Max cape while in the catalog, worn and on the PoH Cape hanger.

Besides, you can get cheap rS gold from us.

AnjanetteJPiper commented 1 year ago

Nice Sharing

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