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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

There exists a new melee weapon -- Ivandis Flail OSRS released along with A Taste of Hope. Right now you can learn the mission guide first to succeed the weapon, Drakan's medallion and other rewards quickly. At the same time, please remember the cheap OSRS gold on sale right here.

Some tips for A Taste of Hope
1. If you do not have the 1000 coins on you when talking to Harpert, you will get them from the nearby bank.
2. Please be careful whenever climbing up the vents, given that they blow out boiling hot vapor now and then, which will deal 15-20 hitpoints of damage and topple you back down.
3. Even though Vertida will assist you beating the abomination, his harm output is low.
4. You'd better bring a minumum of one super restore potion whenever fighting against the abomination with regard to his occasional black sludge attack.
5. Please keep in mind you can easily defeat Ranis Drakan in the last phase by using Safeguard from Melee.
6. In case dead during the fight along with Ranis, you can retrieve your own items from the chest situated northwest of the noticeboard.

Ivandis Flail usage and Drakan's medallion
The new one-handed melee weapon Ivandis Flail OSRS can be created with a chain, a good enchanted emerald sickle and also the rod of Ivandis throughout a Taste of Hope. At the same time, it also can be purchased from Vertida Sefalatis with 20,000 coins in the old Myreque Hideout under Old Man Ral's home. Please remember this owns a damage reward against vampyres of twenty percent.
Besides, upon the finishing the quest you will also succeed an amulet - Drakan's medallion, allowing teleportation to Ver Sinhaza.

Hope you are able to complete A Taste of Hope ASAP with cheap rs 3 gold from our website.

Wyatt387 commented 1 year ago

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kevinbear commented 2 months ago

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