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emily2793 commented 3 months ago

When a person gets to know if he/she has a panic attack, without any delay, you must run to a doctor. As said earlier, a panic attack may also feel like a panic disorder. In some cases, a panic attack may occur out of no reason. But mostly it is seen that a person will get a panic attack when he/she is in the middle of a crowd or a suffocated area. People who suffer from the problem of panic attacks may even get multiple attacks in a week. Hence, this problem of the reoccurrence of panic attacks is termed as panic disorder. However, you need not be worried as there also exist Panic disorder medication.

Below is a list of symptoms through which you can identify if a person has a panic attack –

Sweating excessively 
Shaking and trembling 
Falling short of breath 
Hot flashes 
Palpitations in the chest 
Vomiting or other digestive issues 
Too much suffocation 

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