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augustaliliana commented 6 months ago

Using it for personal or professional purpose, Epson printers have always been kept on priority. Not just the printers are user-friendly but the printer has gained its popularity for the best printing quality. As well as Epson Printers are also used for scanning and high quality picture printing and much more. These printer have given exceptional quality prinitng experience to the users. But these printers are also not free from errors. One of a most common error faced by users are Epson Printer Error E-01 , which means the printer can’t finish his self-test.
To fix this error, follow these steps:

1- Turn off the printer for 5 minutes and restart it. Check again, if you still find the error continue this process.
2- Check initialization procedure for all the printer units. Trapped cable can also sometime cause issue or damage productivity.
3- Also check the transportation lock has been removed.
4- Press CD tray button to retract the storage position. Do not push or pull it.
5- Turn off the printer and cross-check that no paper is jammed inside the unit.
6- If the printer works with CISS terms then check carefully whether the cartridge is moving properly and the scanner part need to be closed properly.
7- An entire unit will start function once initialization routine start performing.
8- While working with the CISS, if the ink cartridges fail to move from left to the right panel, then this error arises. Hence, you need to use genuine Epson cartridges of the ink.  
9- Run your system in safe mode as it enables the printer to restart with basic operation. If the error still continues, you need to check the internet connectivity.To mitigate Epson Printer Error E-01 you must have stable internet connection.

Contact Epson Printer Support Number +1(866)748-5444 for Help:

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