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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

Partially completion of What Lies Below will now unlock access to often the Battlestaffs. This is after the war in the library, but before you actually speak to Rat Burgiss to complete the quest. We have tried to make it clear at this stage of the goal that you can now purchase battlestaves from Zaff and that taking will reward defence practical experience, so players don't talk to any accidental defence practical experience gain. And please remember it's very easy and safe to buy RS3 gold cheap here.

This change probably impact the Deadman Tournament, but will be live at all of the Deadman Autumn Season Change to Box Traps
To support legitimate players when competitive against bots, initially most of us pitched the idea of having completing Eagles'Peak required to have the capacity to use Box traps. This has been received very positively, devoid of any notable concerning feedback.

As a way to use box traps, members will now need to have progressed however the Eagle's Peak quest prior to the point where they have been revealed how to catch the uncover. We felt this was the best selection as it's possible for you to let go the ferret after is probably the best captured in the quest, in order to catch a new one you'd ought to use a Box trap.

Toy trucks also added a non-combat alternative for completion of Eagles'Peak. Previously you had to wipe out the kebbit, now you're free to "Threaten" the kebbit, causing it to retreat.

That change will not impact often the Deadman Tournament, but will possibly be live from the start of the Deadman Autumn Season.

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