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bestrsgoldfast commented 6 months ago

The entire field cans completely shut down beyond 20 yards. Runs beyond Mut 20 coins yards are near impossible because of their magnet tackles and the only way you can throw that deep would be in case you get lucky and he snacks a PA or you scheme someone away from him within the center and just hope that they become open and he's not close enough to make it until the ball gets there.

I am not saying he's impossible to conquer, but Enforcers are most likely the only Madden players I have to consistently worry about and scheme around in CFM. By disabling their active even X Factor linemen can be shut down. Adams is consistently one of the highest paid defensive Madden players in my CFMs because he is wanted by everyone.

I believe one is needed by Joe Mixon too, although I may be biased as a Bengals fan. This year he hasn't done well, but look at the Bengals o-line is known by me. Since Cordy Glenn came back, you can see a definite improvement in his running game, AND he makes people miss all the damn time lol I feel like the Bengals get overlooked constantly because of Mike Brown's options, they have a few good Madden players, they simply land in shitty situations.This feels busted, and it causes me to not want to perform. No, I do not expect to win the Super Bowl every season. 

However, to have a great team make the playoffs only for cheap Madden 20 coins ousted from the first game I sim against an inferior opponent... It's just so excruciating. The most recent period was that my 89 rated Colts losing against a 78 rated Steelers team. Is there something I'm missing in my group building that will make me successful? Does anyone else have similar experiences? And, after making this article the next season I undergo, clearly, I win the Super Bowl. Not gonna whine about that one.

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