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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

Berserker Build with Ancestral Warchief Gems Atziri, Uber Atziri and Guardians viable

Some of the gear shown, like the jewelry, isn't inexpensive but exists as an instance of what to look for. If you desire to use Tukohama's, you will drop Hatred and Herald of Ash. In which case you could also want to swap common life nodes to seize Mortal Conviction for a lot more life. You can find path of exile item list provide on our site.

Chieftain MS Insta life Chieftain Build

Immune to freeze and chill; immune to stun, resistant to ignite.. 6.3k HP.. 80% all res and 10% of Phys taken as fire.. this kind of build is a lot tank and contains a high life sustain caused by high regen and high life on hit.
-Every ball of molten strike get 64 experience on the run, using dying sun, up the builder, shot 12 Ball each attack, with multistrike builder attack three instances using one click. Also, I'm making use of ancestral contact and so attack even two nearby enemies. These numbers are generally if every single ball reach only one enemy.

Very tanky High sustain Poet's Way Juggernaut Build

This is a guideline on the list of builds builder ended up being playing during 3.2 Bestiary League. It was designed as a boss killer, specifically for Uber Elder. I just like the sustain and tankiness of Juggernaut, but the builders dislike RF/Bladeflurry, so the builder found themselves making Poet's Pen Jugg.

1. Very tanky
2. High sustain
3. HC/T16/Shaper/Uber Elder viable
4. Not RF
5. Can clear maps pretty fast with Body Swap

1. Can't do ELE reflect maps
2. Can't do any regen maps if you don't have Watchers Eye or another source of leech
3. Uses jewels/items similar to RF

Bandits: kill all
Pantheon: Arakaali/Solaris + Shakari/Yugul
Thanks for your read this aritle, and there is offer poe item search on our online market, please tell us what you want at anytime.

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