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bharathsuryadevara commented 1 year ago

FlexiPOS is a highly successful point of sale system offering the command and control businesses need to manage your operations more efficiently with local data storage, high processing power, networking capability and rich graphical user interface. FlexiPOS empowers your store‚Äč to operate without difficulty at the time of server downtime as it is engineered to adopt offline mode by default when the network connectivity is lost. FlexiPOS provide scope to do transactions through different methods like Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Value Added Service (VAS) and Point-Of-Sale (POS) solutions at retail.

eretailcybertech commented 1 year ago

Flexipos has some 40+ front end features.
We mainly focused on the better user experience for the operator and the admin.
It consists of font modification, multi-level totaling ,mouse free feature,item-based barcode scanning, past void data,refund ,reprint,discounts,loyalty program, price override ,quantity override,pause, deposit function,search ,repeat ,quantity mode,Pay in/out ,print invoice,tendering,multiple currency,standby function,User defined messages,POS keyboard mapping,Hourly sales report,X-reading report,z-reading report, Transfer in, transfer out, stock taking, indent generation based on MBQ, Local purchase and MIS.

Susmitha commented 1 year ago

lexiPOS keeps the Billing/POS (Store Back-end Operations) systematically with General features, Inventory, Promotions and Masters. All Back-end operations were designed to integrate the front-end data and generate different kind of reports to provide idea of store transactions, present position of the store and also allow designing promotional activity of the store further.

  • User-friendly screens, big fonts for important figures like, Subtotal, Total, Change and Quantity etc.
  • Makes billing easier without using mouse
  • Supports barcode scanning
  • Scanning item on SKU/PLU/EAN
  • Subtotal/Close key (to close a transaction)
  • Last item void/Past item void
  • Refund with authorization
  • Overing (full cancellation of same day bill)
  • Reprint Bill
  • No Sale function (to open cash drawer without sale)
  • Predefined line item discounts (both in percentage and value)
  • Ad hoc discount (both in percentage and value)
  • Suspend/Resume function (hold current bill and accept next customer, resume when previous customer returns)
  • Print out short suspend note with reference number of customer to ease resume function
  • Price override
  • Quantity override
  • Pause (locks sales screen from unauthorized access while cashier walks away from the counter to check price, lunch break etc.) Can be unlocked by the same cashier or supervisor with higher access level)
  • Deposit function (Collection, utilization, refund and forfeiture of deposits)

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