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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

Divine Orb Rates
The power this comes from divines isn't undeniable until you start realizing that craftmen with lots of access to divines, because you say GCP/Exalt, could very easily start crafting solely near perfect items for just a remarkably lowered price.

Simply because it stands now, it's tough to get 25-45, and 249% IPD. Especially since the range is 19-39 and 225%. It may not look like it, although there is a significant difference in minimal to high DPS if you find yourself talking about top end weapons.

Currently basically all I have to complete is Trans/Alt 2 mods Tyrannical and Of Celebration, Crown until Emporers and Flaring... and then just divine unsolicited mail until it rolls almost beautifully. Sure it might take 20-30 or 100, but that is why most of us shouldn't want to allow so many divines to be available.

The best way it is now, it keeps the item so that rolls matter in the event divines were as a standard assay. GCPs. Rolls will no longer matter.

Divine Orb With Uniques
If Divines were as common seeing that GCPs or near this again as an example. BoR's could well be very easy to high jiggle. It's 2 stats. Wings of Entropy. So very easy to perfect. Searing Touch, three mods. Not hard to get extremely high rolls.

It would collapse the low end/mid end sector for these Uniques, because oftentimes people want to buy a Cheap Entropy, or a cheap BoR, and so forth lots of Uniques are that way. In addition, don't forget there is poe items for sale on our site. 

lukenlow commented 1 year ago

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