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ht03021996 commented 2 months ago

Chardham Tour by JTT is one of the most celebrated tours in India. The Yatra took place in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and contimue for a week-long exploration of temples and hill roads. It includes the visit to 4 major shrines namely – Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and BadrinathThese four temples are considered to be atop others in the Hindu Culture. We at JTT workd hards to provide you best travel support on your journey.

Here, we are specialized in operating in the diverse conditions of Uttarakhand and work to provide you with better services. Every year our vehicles operate from Jaipur, Delhi and Haridwar to complete journeys of our customers. So, if you are planning a Chardham Tour from these locations, you can call us and book a Tempo Traveller for it. However, we also operate from other locations on specific requests of our customers. So, worry not and get our team to provide you with a better quote for the Chardham tour.

ht03021996 commented 2 months ago

Kedarnath is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The whole world knows Kedarnath as one of the 12 Major Temples of Lord Shiva. It is one of the 4 top locations of State which jointly form the Chardham Yatra. One of our most exclusive tours – offered by Jaipur Tempo Traveller.

Information about the Kedarnath

Here, are some details a general traveler must know about Kedarnath before visiting the place.

Timings for Temple Darshan

The doors of the temple are open for visitors from the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. On the occasion of Mahashiv Ratri, the temple priests declare the dates for the opening of the temples. It is then open for about 6 months till Kartik Poornima.

From Kartik Poornima, the shrine is then transferred to Winter Stay at Ukhimath. During these days the temple is not easily accessible due to extreme cold climate and heavy snowfall.

So, during the months of May – June – July, and August it is most suitable to visit the place. After this timing, the weather plays a certain role in Yatra timings.

Panch Kedar

As per the legends of Mahabharat Origin, there are 5 temples in the region that were created as per the image of Pandavas. These 5 temples are namely –

  • Kedarnath
  • Tungnath
  • Rudranath
  • Madhayamaheswar
  • Kalpeshwar

The texts of various belongings have pointed towards a game of Hide-and-Seek played by Lord Shiva and Pandavas. These texts suggest that after the great war of Mahabharat the Pandavas visited the Garhwal region of Himalayas to seek forgiveness of Lord Shiva. It suggested that Lord Shiva did not want to forgive the Pandavas. So, he turned into a bull and run into the fields.

During this hurdle, the body of Lord Shiva appeared in five different locations and at these locations, the Panch Kedars – or five Kedars temples are formed.

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