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vermakaran commented 2 months ago

Otoplasty is a commonly performed surgical procedure that helps to correct ears that stick too far from the side of the head. This surgery helps to improve the shape of protruding ears and is mainly performed by many individuals to improve their facial aesthetic appearance. This surgery corrects the symmetry between the ears as well as help to bring the ear in the right position with respect to the head. Ear reshaping surgery in Mumbai is effectively performed at The Microtia Trust by an expert surgeon. With this surgery, an individual can improve their appearance and facial appearance. This surgery can be performed at any age after seven at which the ear cartilage is mature enough to be reshaped. Dr. Parag Telang uses a reliable, safe technique that avoids the risk or major complications, and help the patient to achieve the best, safe, and natural results. He is a well-known otoplasty surgeon in Mumbai (India). In order to improve the shape of the ear, a combination of either scraping the cartilage or stitches is used to provide improvements. To know about otoplasty surgery cost in Mumbai, get in touch with The Microtia Trust.

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