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Benzodiazepine is Xanax / alprazolam. This helps in anxiety recovery. The Xanax's generic name is alprazolam, and the products are Niravam, Xanax, Xanax XR. This influences the brain chemistry that is unbalanced among anxious people. Physicians use this to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders and depressive stress. It helps in the treatment of different things not present in the medical guide. If you suffer from narrow-angle glaucoma, do not use Xanax. It is a habit-forming drug which can lead to addiction, overdose or death. Hold the medication in a safe zone, so that it can not be accessed by others, especially children.



Xanax comes in different forms and its effects on the medicine's essence and ability. Mostly Xanax is in tablet and bar shape. Every type of medication is categorized according to appearance, structure and dosage. 

Several specific Xanax forms include-: 

White color Xanax - White Xanax shape is oval, and Xanax 0.25 is imprinted on the tablet. The White Xanax dosage is 0.25 mg.
Orange color Xanax – Xanax is oval in shape and Xanax 0.5 is imprinted on the tablet. The Xanax dosage is 0.5 mg.
Blue color Xanax– Xanax is rectangular in form, and Xanax 1.0 is imprinted on the device. The dosage of Xanax is 1 mg in violet.
White Xanax – Xanax white is rectangular in form, and Xanax 2 is imprinted on the phone. The dosage of Xanax White is 2 mg.



Xanax is for the treatment of panic attacks and anxiety problems. It comes in a generic form. Xanax side effects begin at the start of the treatment and continue to decrease after a-of -time period due to constant ingestion of the drug. Mostly, the side effects situation arose because of the medication's misuse, violence, overdose and mishandling.

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