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mayrasingh commented 1 month ago

Laser treatment offers a wide range of treatment for skin, hair, and aesthetics related conditions. Nowadays, it is becoming of the mainstream procedure for clinical treatments as well as for cosmetic improvements. 

Skin lighting is of the best example of how laser treatment is helping people to achieve the appearance they desire. In the process of laser skin lighting treatment, the dermatologists use a laser with a specific wavelength. When that laser is focused on the skin, it heat starts to penetrate through the inner layers of the skin. It creates three simultaneous effects. 

First, the skin pigments on the top layers start to scatter as they scatter their concentration dissolves, and this lightens the skin ton. Second, while the laser spreads the skin pigment, it also destroys the impurities and oil of the skin. It helps the skin to achieve its natural ton. Third, the heat works as a trigger and activates the production of collagen. This collagen helps the information of new and healthy skin layers. Together these process helps in reducing the current skin ton, and this results in skin lighting.      

Apart from using a laser for skin lighting, chemical peel treatment is also very popular for the purpose of skin lighting. 

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