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drparagtelang12 commented 1 month ago

Dr. Parag Telang provides with the best treatment and solutions for male breasts by providing gynecomastia in Dubai. The gynecomastia surgery helps to regain back the original masculine size of the chest and also improve the self-image. The process involves extracting any extra breast tissues by making a small cut and then repositioning the areola or nipple. The procedure can also be coupled with liposuction to suck out any additional fat deposits that may also exist. The surgical procedure can provide a quick and long-lasting solution to the problem, but the individual will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a nutritious diet, proper sleep routines, and adequate physical exercise to achieve long-lasting benefits from the treatment. For consultation and to know more about gynecomastia surgery cost in Dubai, book an appointment with Dr. Parag Telang at

Blog: Correct Gynecomastia with Advanced Surgical Procedure!

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