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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

Attack, Spell and Elemental Passive Skills
Other Cluster
The Puppet Master and Herd the Flock minion groups immediately north of the Templar start have been renamed to Sacrifice and Spiritual Command.

The Sacrifice cluster at this point grants a total of a third increased Minion Maximum Life (down from 36%), +15% to Minion's Elemental Resistances, Minions Regenerate 3% Life per second, and 0.5% of Life Regenerated per Second, split over 3 small passives plus the notable. The additional Zombie along with Skeleton from this notable has become moved to the Death Attunement notable north of the Witch. And don't forget you can find enough Cheap & safe PoE currencies from us.

The Spiritual Command chaos now grants a total involving 43% increased Minion Injury, 7% increased Attack Rate for minions, 7% enhanced Cast Speed for Minions, and 40% increased Minion Accuracy Rating. The distinctive also causes increases along with reductions to Minion Attack Speed to also impact you. These benefits tend to be split across 3 little passives and a notable. The extra Zombie from this notable continues to be moved to Grave Intentions.

There is a new Mana bunch just above the Deep Wisdom notable which grants 31% increased Maximum Mana, twenty percent increased Mana Regeneration Price, 20% increased Mana Restoration from Flasks, and only two Mana Regenerated per subsequent split across 2 smaller passives and the Arcane Will notable.

The northmost small passive of the Arcane Focus cluster now also grants or loans 5% increased Mana Reproduction Rate.

The small Area of Effect passives in the Blast Radius cluster now each offer 10% increased Area of Effect (up from 8%).

A new cluster, Words of Glory, has been added between the Marauder and the Templar. It grants or loans increases to Warcry Duration, Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed, and Warcry Buff Effect. The notable also leads to your Warcries to price no mana, and grants or loans you and nearby allies 6% increased Attack, Cast and Movement speed when you've Warcried recently.

Another bunch, Battle Cry, has been additional near the Unwavering Stance keystone. It offers increased Warcry Length, increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed, and increased Warcry Buff Effect. The notable also makes using Warcries Instant.
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