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anxietysupport4u commented 1 month ago

Anxiety is a different feeling for everyone. You might experience some of the symptoms listed below, and you might also experience other things that are not listed below.

Effects of anxiety on your body

Anxiety affects your body in different ways, thus affecting your day-to-day activities:

  • Feelings of lightheadedness or dizziness
  • A churning feeling in your stomach
  • Feeling restless or unable to sit still
  • Pins and needles
  • Backache, headache, or other aches or pains
  • Fast or irregular heartbeats
  • Faster breathing
  • Hot flushes or sweating
  • Sleeping problems
  • Nausea or feeling sick
  • Grinding teeth, particularly at night
  • Change in sex drive
  • Needing the toilet more or less often
  • Having panic attacks

Effects of anxiety on your mind

Anxiety also affects your brain in many different ways. The results of anxiety have inter-person variability. Here is a list of some common effects of anxiety on your mind:

  • Constant fearing the worst or having a sense of dread
  • Feeling nervous, tense, or unable to relax
  • Feeling that others are looking at you and they can see that you are anxious
  • Feeling like everything around is slowing down or speeding up
  • Worry about anxiety
  • Feeling like bad things will happen if you stop worrying
  • Worrying that you are losing touch with reality
  • Fearing that other people are upset or angry with you
  • Depersonalization or feeling disconnected from your body or mind
  • Rumination or thinking about bad experiences or thinking about a situation over and over again
  • Derealization or feeling wholly disconnected from the world around you
  • Worrying about future things

Kerisun commented 1 month ago

How effective is it?

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