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Words1234 commented 1 month ago

Now we're going to be discussing how to use motivational quotes to begin each morning.


The first thing to do when you're getting started with this particular process is have a place to store your estimates, you can pick up a group of quotations or you could select your favorites from any variety of resources including online.


Once you have the quotes that you would like to use you should have a journal or a personal calendar or even index cards (whichever you prefer) and start to compose each of those quotations.


Every day, at least one time a day but preferably several times or more you may reference one of those quotes you chosen and each day you may do the same alternating between the motivational quotes.


Many people prefer to stick with only 1 quotation and commit it to memory so they can replicate it dozens of times per day but this is up to you and is a personal choice how you want to handle your quote or quotes.

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miragupta commented 1 week ago

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