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parafragrance commented 1 week ago

guys you got to understand to attract people to impress somebody you got to use all your senses and the sense of smell is probably one of the most important ones that guys are overlooking one scent could invoke a sense of passion a memory I sense a friendship or friendliness or honesty depending understand the Fragrances for Men itself you can literally invoke a response from somebody else without you opening your mouth that's why when you're impressing somebody weather.


 it's a girl you're in a business meeting whatever it is it's not just about how you look how you groom yourself but also how you smell today boys I'm gonna go over the eight fragrances that only me most attractive Dudes make is there's so many fragrances out there you've probably got thousands of different Best Men Cologne today I'm gonna give you the eight that some of the sexiest most attractive dudes are wearing so you can also use their secret weapon hopefully be just as attractive if that sounds interesting it's offensive number one let's start with James Franco.


1 - Gucci


this one is the Gucci made-to-measure I don't know why but for some reason women find this dude attractive whether it be its charisma and status or his great smile they just love him he's the face of the Gucci made-to-measure Cologne for Men and that personally is one of my favorites this in particular fragrance is a floral sweet amber scent that when a woman smells it she's gonna be attracted to you all right.


this is a perfect dating Best Perfume for Men or when you're going on a first day to pull out to have a woman just feel more magnetically attracted number two let's talk about Johnny Deep actor writer producer and all-around stud women can't have enough of this dude his Fragrances of choice the Dior swash.


2 - Savage


it's a musky spicy and amber driven fragrance and your savage this is a classic and I've been using this as I was like in middle school this you could find for around 95 bucks if you buy the big bottle and it's another all-around versatile Fragrances for Men that you can use across multiple scenarios almost on a daily if you'd like to and when a girl smells it's gonna give her a sense of a dude that.

just loves the wild that loves adventure number three let's talk about Matthew McNaughton you know the actor I talking about I don't know if I pronounce the name right but this is a dude that women they love no better yet they lust over the dude has great hair great smile and a great skin tone and while you can't look like him you could certainly smell like him as his Cologne of preferences.


3 - Dolce & Gabbana


Dolce & Gabbana the one this one is a sweet amber infused tobacco scent that just screams masculinity and it just makes sense why account McNaughton just backs it up the dude is just a guy that girls find extremely masculine and sexy and if you want to be him.

 you got to try this fragrance out but it just sucks that if you want a great Perfume for Men that it will give you what you're looking for which is attractiveness. You got to pay so much and you know your boy every time I see a problem I got to figure out a solution so I did just that I feel like.


4 - Assure


we could do it better that my friends is why we created assure this my friends is the Cologne for Men used by yours truly your boy Jose Zuniga now I don't know if you think I'm attractive or not but you damn know well that I work my ass off and if you want to cologne that will inspire that fierce fire in you that will just drive you and some girls find that extremely attractive this is the Cologne.


you got to try this my friends is a sure the Cologne we've been working on for is the final product this is what we're selling a lot of you know we were talking about this and this is what you're gonna receive this is a massive 100 mile liter bottle when you get the package on the bottom you see it says masculine assertive ashore that's pretty much this Popular Men Cologne summed up in three words when you use this fragrance. it’s all about masculinity assertiveness and just being assure. in yourself the cool thing with this box is that you're gonna get a matte block box we wanted.


it to feel super luxurious because that's what it is we put as much quality as possible. but without the price tag when you open it up you get a nice foam cut out and inside is our fragrance this boys I'm so proud of this so this is our assure Fragrances it comes in a completely black bottle it comes with a wooden top on top and the fragrance.

5 - Armani code


how can I describe sexiness strength fierceness all in one because that's exactly what this cologne is you're gonna smell a lot of leather and wood inside of this because Chris Pine now I think we can all agree that this dude is a stud now well we can't steal his blue eyes we can't sure as hell still has fragrance it's fragrance of choice Armani code this is another classic Perfume for Men I've been using this for years so when I recommend it to you know that I'm doing it eyes closed another super powerful leather spicy and aromatic 



that was introduced all the way back in a four since then I've probably owned about five bottles of this stuff over the course of my life that's how good it is that's how much I recommend it to you guys the five gasped a year now again many of you might not know him but you might know him because of his Perfume the fragrance of choice.

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