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boemarine786 commented 1 week ago

With a traditional CHIRP probe reverse with integrated CHIRP Clear scanning probe

With integrated Garmin GPS Marine and  Quick draw  contour graphics software, you can create and save 1-inch maps over an area of up to 2 million hectares.

With the integrated GPS, you can set reference points, create routes and display boat speed.

A clear 5 inch screen that can be read in the sun and an easy to use interface.

Designed for durability in all fishing conditions.

STRIKER Plus 5hp GPS Fish Finder with 5 inch clear screen and integrated GPS with traditional Garmin CHIRP probe, Garmin CHIRP Clear scanning probe and Quick draw Contours graphics software, which can store up to 2 million hectares. Built-in 1 inch GPS Marine Navigation helps you set points and navigate landmarks and display the speed of your boat.

 Garmin Quick draws Contours

 No one knows the water you fish better than you and your fisherman’s friends. While navigating the coast and depth, Quick draw Contours creates HD fishing maps of the places it crosses. No special knowledge is required. The STRIKER Plus 5cv can currently store up to 2 million hectares of Quick draw Contours cards in 1 inch shapes.

The STRIKER Plus 5hp Garmin Fish Finder GPS will include Garmin CHIRP technology as well as the Garmin Clear scanning probe for similar wide angle photos of things under your boat. You can clearly see the structure, submerged objects and the fish. Combined with the traditional Garmin CHIRP probe to distinguish unique objectives. Transducer will help you catch more Chart Plotter Fish Finder 

GPS Fish Finder

The highly sensitive integrated GPS will find and maintain its position wherever it is in the water. With GPS Fish Finder, you can specify a way point for different locations. Therefore, if there is a point where the fish eat bait, you can mark it and return for the next trip. Mark the park dock in a boat or elsewhere on the lake and make a return for your next trip.

The GPS also helps the STRIKER Plus 5cv to display the speed on the screen, ensuring that you are navigating at the right speed for the bait you are using or in a warning zone.

The STRIKER Plus 5cv makes Fish Finder GPS Combo easier and makes it work in all environments. Clear screen If you read it in the sun, you can see clearly what is under the boat. Even on a clear day And the big screen gives a better picture of what’s going on under the boat The easy-to-use user interface makes it easy to use the features you need so you’re ready for anything in the water.

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