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eform2290 commented 2 weeks ago

Using IRS EFTPS for Filing Form 2290

IRS EFTPS payment is a payment method used for making your tax payment. If you are using the IRS EFTPS payment method to file your IRS HVUT, then you can rest assured in safe hands. Since payment method frauds are on the rise, it’s very important that you use a secure payment service like IRS eftps. If you are a truck owner and your vehicle weighs more than 55000 pounds, then it’s important that you file a form 2290 on time. However, if you do not use your truck for 5000 miles or above, then your vehicle can be suspended from filing 2290 form.

If you are using your vehicle for agricultural purposes, the mileage limit is up to 7500 miles. In cases where IRS EFTPS or other payment method is not done before the due date, IRS will notify you. If you continue to not file 2290 form after being notified, you will have to face penalties from the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is very strict when it comes to the monitoring of truck taxes.

If you are planning to have a smooth experience on the road, then it’s best that you file your 2290 form before the due date. To avoid penalties file your 2290 form and make IRS EFTPS or other method payment before the 2290 due date. The due date falls simultaneously with the financial year. This year’s tax period started from the 1st of July and will extend till the 30th of June in 2020. This will however not be the case if you have only recently started to use your heavy vehicle

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