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deepakuce01 commented 1 year ago

There are many benefits of an eCommerce website, some top benefitsare as follow: #1. eCommerce website make it easy to cover large market. #2. eCommerce website helps buyer to select product just withinsome click. #3. Buyers make payment easily for their purchase and no need tostand link billing line. #4. eCommerce website (with multivendor feature as offered make it possible to sale products from many vendorsthrough one online store. #5. eCommerce websites are easy to manage. #6. eCommerce website gets more clicks from social media ascompression to regular websites. I am in favor if you looking to start eCommerce website. To get listed your business please visit

wakistore commented 11 months ago

I am observing a huge change of trend in the traditional business system. To maximize the business sales, and hence expand the profit, many traditional businesses are shifting their trade online. Many local vendors, to increase their audiences and the customer reach, are joining e-commerce platforms like WAKI, based in Saudi Arabia. Joining e-commerce website puts the vendors’ products or services right in the palms of clients.


Once the local vendors join an e-commerce website, they eliminate all the time restrictions, which make it possible for them to make money while they sleep, because e-commerce website works 24*7. So if the customer wants to make a purchase from your store in the middle of the night, the time frame won’t hold them back.  


Easy business access, is another added benefit of an e-commerce website. As long as vendors have access to good internet service, they can administrate their online store from any location in the world.   


In comparison with the traditional business, setting up the store on e-commerce website is more cost effective. Another added benefit is that vendors receive a wealth of information about the visitors of their e-commerce website in Saudi Arabia, hence they are able to diversify the most successful products and cultivate them into a broader range of offerings.


So these were some of the benefits, of an e-commerce website.

andrewlanger769 commented 4 months ago

There are lot of benefits to having e-commerce website .if you are manage a business but still don’t have your website then may be loss your potential customers

The major benefits of e commerce website are:

1. Establish your own brand online

2. To Have Multiple Sale Channels

3.More than 70% of customers specially teenagers have purchases online

4. Online brand awareness of your product

5.Get New leads Via Search Engine Location.

6.To promote your offline store

7. Increased Your Conversion Ratio(CRO)

These are a few benefits of custom ecommerce website,  there are several other things that Ecommerce website can provide.

You can develop custom ecommerce website to boost your conversion rate and improve traffic on your website.

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