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rszxcvb commented 1 year ago

Gaining experience
Players may receive Toughness experience during combat. Toughness experience is only awarded if players select either Toughness experience, or Attack, Energy, and Defence experience inside the combat interface. Experience profits depends on the monster slain, and the total experience obtained per kill will remain the identical unless experience boosting merchandise is used.

For example, if a participant kills a cow although strength experience is picked, he/she will gain thirty four. 5 strength experience and also 11. 5 constitution knowledge for a total of fouthy-six experience, but if a player picks shared experience and functions only melee combat, in order to gain 11. 5 practical experience in Strength, Attack, Defense, and Constitution, still giving an total of 46 practical experience.


Experience rewards
Strength practical experience may be awarded after the completing certain quests, miniquests, assignments, random events, Distractions in addition to Diversions, and other minigames. In addition , experience lamps, dragonkin bulbs, and books of knowledge is proven to gain Strength experience.


Bonus/other experience
Several items give bonus experience in Toughness, as well as other melee skills, if equipped. Melee brawling devices provide a 300% experience extra to Strength (as very well as Attack and Defence) when training combat inside Wilderness and a 50% extra when training outside of the Desert. The brawling gloves are approximately 100,000 knowledge before disintegrating.

Individual items of sacred clay equipment attained through the Stealing Creation minigame also provide an experience bonus to be able to Strength and other combat expertise. These items double the amount of knowledge received through combat while equipped. Only one piece of almost holy clay armour must be put on to receive this bonus. Like the brawling gloves, a piece may disappear after the experience limit of 24,450 knowledge is reached.

Strength knowledge may also be received from destruction dealt by certain Summoning familiars. However, different familiars provide experience for different fights impotence skills.


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