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everyone is wait for fishfinder mouths calm we give you everything you need to mount and power your Garmin Fish Finder and bring it with you we make these amazing wonderful portable transducer mounts they leverage our magnetic magnetic transducer that works with paired magnets one on the inside and one magnet on the outside of the boat just like you see here acting like an invisible clap but I wanted to spend some time here showing you the GARMIN STRIKER 7SN on our 10 half-hour magnetic pole mount kit just twist this to wherever you want to give you the best viewing angle but this fishfinder I'm quite impressed with it actually to be to be frank about it I just want to go to the menu system here you hit this back arrow here and you've got this nice little easy-to-use menu system you can select what you want to look at here's your settings your customize you can customize.



this homepage maybe you can move these guys up to wear whatever you want to use the most up at the very top here but you can see this this unit here actually comes with a side view transducer and the side view imaging capability I will just go to that you use this little check mark is your like enter button you just hit that and boom you're into the side imaging screen Garmin Marine GPS and you're looking at everything from a top-down view like bird's eye view is what you see here but if you go back to the menu here you can look at all three types of sonar frequency sweeps here you've got your side images or your side view here where it's top-down view and then you've got your your traditional sonar here and then you've got your shirt down view they're all true actually.

all of this shirt you can see your cheer for and fifty-five kilohertz that's the frequency they're sweeping at and here again 455 kilohertz but it's a side view image looking at it from the side and here the traditional looking at the side as well so very cool you know the seven inch screen it's nice because you're going to get set up these screens and still see pretty good detail of Garmin GPS Marine and have them all showing at the same time so you can validate your signals I think doing it this way also shows you how to read the finder because you can say okay well here are some weeds in the middle of my screen right.


 now well that would be over here on my side view imaging that would be these weeds you know or these kelp or whatever beds that they are so it's actually pretty cool then you can kind of see bunches of not sure what this is some kind of looks like man-made stuff and you can see it Fish Finder for Boat over here and again you can see it here as well actually looks like more weeds we're showing up here so the red shows indicates are actually quite hard so they're they're passing out of the screen they're passing out of this screen here so it's kind of cool very cool in fact it becomes intuitive because you can validate the technologies against each

other so they even actually have at this price point which is really cool even a GPS built-in here's a waypoint map so when you actually you know maybe spot something that you want to mark so when you're there you hit I think you hit the positive or the check mark when you're on this screen here move that cursor over I'm moving it with this this little scroll scroll key here Best Fish Finder GPS Combo directional pad and I'm moving it around here and then I can hit my checkmark button I just I just altered my Waypoint by hitting the moving the cursor and then hitting the checkpoint here so there it is there so I'd be able to come back later at a later time and actually go and visit that maybe.

Garmin Streicher

I had some fit you know I had a bite here a couple bites here and you know I feel like there's you know I've been seeing the structure I want to go back there and keep coming back there and Garmin Fishfinder with GPS that area so maybe I create a loop and I keep going around in the loop you know so it's very very cool lots and lots of functionality actually also on another 10f our unit we've got the Garmin Fish Finder Streicher DV here v and this actually has all those feature sets except for the DVR this side scan view so we can just go in here and you can see the menu system here the same thing is the seven but again without the side view but it has all the other bells and whistles which is very cool I think we had to be bought this one here for two 99.99 I think from Bass Pro but you can double check Bass Pro headstock on all these units before any of the other guys out there so we ended up purchasing from these guys from Bass Pro.

then put anything on the demo here for the Waypoint map but it is indeed functional on this unit and you can see the different scanning these are fish actually a little school of Fish Finder for Boat here and all these dots represent those fish in the down scan frequency at 455 kilohertz here you're at 200 kilohertz this is a great little finery I mean you can throw this on a float tube like that one over there small aluminum boat or whatever and you have a fantastic liner here in this unit so those are our 10 half-hour magnetic pole mount kits use that their transducer here scavenging tries you can kind of get a feel for how big it is you see my hand here I'm a six-foot guy there's the transducer. there's my hand so it's not a small it's not a small transducer by any means and this one here is a bit larger.but not a lot but it's this is a side-scan image transducer here a side view image for Garmin Fish Finder but.

Lowrance Elite 5x


we also have a 2.9 a power mount here so if you want to save some money and/or you want it to be a little lighter for more portable for your flying trips and you can put a small you know 4 inch 3 inch Fish Finders for Sale on this mouth and you can bring that in with you to on a fly-in trip or what have you and then here is your five half hour it's not much larger than the 2.9 a power it gives you two point one half hours more capacity and it will run these five inch screens for a couple good days fishing or maybe a little less depending on which Garmin Fish Finder you put on here this is you lowrance Elite 5x right here this actually acts like a clack moves in and out so that you can put any transducer on here so it is a fabulous solution again here.

Garmin striker dv5


it is on a slide mounted position so if you have a kayak canoe whatever this would run in parallel with your haul you don't have a transfer in that case perhaps so you'll want to set it up this way and the sound shoots out from the bottom here it's not like a gun where it's shooting out of here shoot so from the bottom of these so this is Wade from Garmin Fish Finder mountain comm showing you primarily the striker 7sb product and a little bit of the Garmin striker dv5 DVS is the 5 inch screen and the 7 inch screen and then showing you the universe versatile aspect for these are nature of our product here where you see these these other mounds we got more lots of government over here we're at our other trade show we had our hummingbird finders on them so that just riders go on these see buzz around bilko's right hands so this is way to Garmin Fish Finder mouse comm. call us at one eight five five seven eight four three four seven four to get your amazing fish finder mounting solution from us today thanks for watching everyone

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