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Jaroinn commented 1 month ago

When you're in another country, it may be sadder to dismantle your vehicle than in your own country, because you may not know the language or whom to contact. You should contact your national breakdown service provider to make sure your policy includes trips to the UK.

If you experience a vehicle malfunction, you can withdraw your vehicle from the road. Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers, and this is especially important if your car causes a traffic block. Move to your left shoulder as far as possible. Leave the side lights on and turn on the hazard lights. London airport taxi service​


Get on the left side of the car and do the same for all passengers. Wait on the other side of a barrier away from the road and shoulders. If there is no stiff shoulder, go to an emergency shelter, highway service area or get off at the next exit. Call 999 or 112 if you have to stand in the middle of a dense lane after turning on your hazard lights. If you are not in the left lane, do not try to get out of your vehicle and it is safe to do so.

Also, be sure to call the rental car agency to report the malfunction. Your vehicle documentation should contain a customer service number or number, especially for malfunctions. Put these numbers directly on your mobile phone or write them down and keep the numbers in the car when you pick up your rental car, so they can be quickly ready for use and useful in case of an emergency or malfunction. London airport transfer​

Consider having some emergency items in the car such as a phone charger, extra battery for phone, food, water, blanket and outerwear for bad weather. Consult your rental company to see if there is a reflective vest, reflective road cones/signs and/or a first aid kit. You don't need to spend a lot of money on these items, but it can be very useful to have them handy, especially if you are planning a long way to drive in the UK.


adamschule85 commented 1 month ago

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