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London is the most developed city not only in Europe but also in the world in terms of transportation. Thanks to the comprehensive structure of the transportation network managed by Transport for London (TfL), the city is very convenient, but few people prefer to walk.

London Transportation Guide: Where and How to Get London

Where is London in London?

London covers an area of ​​8,382 square kilometers, located in the southeastern part of the UK, where the elevation is low. The size of the city center called “ Big London ”, which contains almost all of the places you can add to the list of places to visit in London, is 1,572 square kilometers. Bloomsbury, which is home to the British Museum, is one of the regions where travelers are interested in the city center. You can give weight to Soho to recognize the marginal aspect of the city, and Westminister to have an idea of ​​its historical and cultural accumulation. metro cabs

You can find content similar to that in Westminister in the East End and Greenwich. The City, where London was founded, draws attention to its modern structure. South Kensington-Chelsea, on the other hand, contains many interesting places for shopping enthusiasts.

Due to the mild weather conditions, the most ideal method to go to London, which is a holiday destination that can be visited throughout the year, is the flight schedule.

Turkish Airlines, Atlasglobal, Pegasus and British Airways offer attractive options to travelers in this regard. Turkish Airlines and British Airways organize flights to Heathrow, the city's main airport. Pegasus and Atlasglobal use Stansted as their destination.

In addition to air transportation, you can choose the train services that I will share with you under the separate heading within the London transportation guide to go from the European mainland to the city, and bus travel from the UK.

“ Where's London? How To Get To London? You can find more detailed information about the location of the city, the ideal times for travel and transportation options in our article titled.

London Airport City Center Transportation

Transportation in London city center airport transportation

There are 5 airports in London used for civil air transportation. Different options are offered for those who want to go to the city center from these facilities located in different parts of the city.

If you want to go to the city center from Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted airports, you can take express trains. Heathrow Express carries passengers to Paddington Station starting from 05.00-00.00 every 15 minutes with prices starting from £ 

The ticket prices start at £ 17.75, and Gatwick Express runs to Victoria and South Terminal stations with the same frequency. Stansted Express, where you can book early and find tickets at attractive prices such as £ 7, provides the connection between Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale in the heart of the city and the airport.

To go to the city center, you can choose the subway at Heathrow Airport and DLR in London City. You can reach the heart of the city at economical prices with Gatwick, Stansted, Luton Easybus or National Express buses. taxi Whitechapel

In addition to the economical and fast public transport, travelers who come to London airports are also offered comfortable options. If this type of option makes more sense to you, you can evaluate the offers of Golden Tours or Diamond Air companies and take a taxi waiting for passengers. Of course, you can also directly contact your hotel for your transfer needs.

If you want to learn more about the transfer options, you can read our content titled “ London Airport Transportation Guide ”.

London Train Transport

London transportation guide high-speed train services

One of the most comfortable ways to get to the capital of the United Kingdom from other popular holiday destinations in Europe such as Paris and Brussels is high-speed trains.

Thalys and Eurostars companies organize many direct flights to London from both cities during the day. In addition, these companies have transit flights from the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy to the city. The transfer is usually carried out in Brussels. However, it is also used for a few expeditions. Tickets are available from Paris to London at prices starting from 50 Euros. On the trains departing from Brussels, the price starts from 44 Euros.


If you decide to travel from Scotland to London by train, I recommend that you prefer to sleep trains. For the journey from Ireland to the city, you can find the best prices in SailRail.


London transportation guide city cars

London proves why it is shown as the most developed settlement in the world in terms of transportation with the rich variety it offers to its guests in the city. “ Where to Stay in London? If you stay in facilities in the city center like the hotels we recommend in our article titled “You can have the opportunity to visit important parts of the city on foot. However, you can save time and have the opportunity to capture different views by using the options below.


With its 11 lines and 270 stops, the metro is the most advanced public transportation system in the city. These lines, each with a separate name and color code, provide transportation services on weekdays between 05.30-01.00.


On Friday and Saturday, 6 lines carry uninterrupted passengers all day. I recommend that you do not use the metro, where the fee varies according to the region to be visited unless it is compulsory due to the intensity during the departure and exit times.



Another important part of the London public transport network is the bus. The vehicles carry 700 different lines of passengers in the city center. Among these lines, the numbers 9, 14, 15 and 22 passes by many buildings that are the symbol of the city.


Also, unlike the subway, some of the bus lines serve at night. Trafalgar Square is used as the starting point for most of the night lines.


Light Rail System

If you are outside the scope of the subway, you can use the light rail system to meet your transportation needs. The system, which has been operating on 6 lines since 2007, is shown in orange in the subway transportation map.



DLR, which operates in the east and southeast of the London transportation network, gives its guests the opportunity to photograph interesting city views, thanks to the skyscrapers built, in the wharf area, which today has a modern appearance. The intersection with the subway network at 6 different points makes Docklands Light Railway trains even more attractive.



You can choose the trams to breathe the unique atmosphere of South London. Passengers are transported from Wimbledon to Beckenham and New Addington with vehicles commissioned in 2000. Vehicles going to New Addington start every 7 minutes and those carrying passengers to Beckenham every 10 minutes.


Commuter train

You can go to popular sites such as Wimbledon, Hampton Court, Kew Gardens, Windsor Castle and Greenwich, which are just outside the city center with suburban trains that you can use to reach the airports. If you are going to travel with these vehicles, you can use the metro up to a certain point to save time.


River Bus

To get to know the unique atmosphere of the Thames River and see the surrounding landmarks from different angles, you can take advantage of the sea buses operated by MBNA. Boats carrying passengers on 4 different routes depart from the stops every 20 minutes.


Emirates Cable Car

The Emirates Cable Car, which travels between Greenwich and the Royal Harbor, is another London transportation option that will allow you to get to know the city from different angles, just like river buses.


If you want to make the journey, which takes an average of 10 minutes, more enjoyable, you can take advantage of the 360 ​​° tour content by paying the rental fee of £ 50.



If you don't want to adjust yourself according to the time of public transportation and get into the crowd, you can turn a black taxi from the road or call a minicab to your location by phone.


Pricing for black taxis in London varies by day, distance and time. In Minicabs, you can travel at fixed prices.


For more information about the options you can use during your holiday, you can check our “ London City Transportation Guide & Hop On Hop Off Tours ”.


London Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Open-top tourist buses in London


Many of the travelers who travel to the city for the first time may have problems using the London transportation system if they have not made detailed planning before. Also, if the holiday period is 1-2 days, it can be challenging to make a visit list for most individuals.


If you do not want to experience such situations, you can take part in a hop on hop off tours organized by Golden Tours and Big Bus.


The companies provide their guests with voice guidance services in 12 different languages ​​during the tours they organize on 3 different routes. They also offer free walking and boat trips to travelers in package contents, as well as a bus ride with stops. The buses of Golden Tours company, which also provides airport transfer services, stop at 60 different points and those of Big Bus stop at 50 different points.


Big Bus offers tour packages for travelers' prices starting from £ 35. On the other hand, Golden Tours set the starting price at £ 24.95. If you have a London Pass, you can attend one of the 24-hour tours of both companies at no charge.


London City Transportation Prices & Oyster Visitor Card

Transportation ticket prices in London


In the London transportation system, separate price tariffs for rail and light rail systems and separate buses and trams are applied. Also, the price differs according to the region covered during the journey.


In this context, a price of £ 4.90 has been determined for the single-use tickets required for travel with the subway and light rail system in Zone 1-2, which is within the city center.


The price of the same ticket for transportation between Zone 1-6 is £ 5.70. You can travel by bus and tram by paying £ 1.50.


Of course, you can purchase the Oyster Visitor Card and lower the prices listed above to make your travel budget comfortable. With the card, you can get tickets for the metro and other rail systems by paying 50% less.


In other words, Zone 1-2 travel cost, which is normally 4.90 pounds, decreases to 2.40 pounds thanks to the card. Also, interesting opportunities await cardholders at many attractions across the city.


London transportation guide ticket prices


Oyster Visitor Card works with a credit system. So every time you use a certain amount of credit, it falls from the balance on the card. When the balance is over, the card can be refilled. In addition, passengers without credits are given the right to one-time travel on buses. The price of the current card in London's public transport network starts at £ 20.


If you want to save on entrance fees after reducing your transportation expenses with Oyster Card, you can purchase London Pass. You can participate in a hop on hop off tours at no cost through London's special discount card; You can visit the city's landmarks such as the Tower of London, Westminister Abbey, Kensington Palace, and Royal Albert Hall.


If you are wondering about the features and prices of both cards, “ What is London Pass & Oyster Card? You can read our article titled “ Prices, Advantages… ”.

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