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Jaroinn commented 1 month ago

Who has not had a bad day? One of those where you get up and everything seems to be conspiring to get you out of your boxes. Soap is over, breakfast is burning. You go out and it starts to rain unexpectedly. People look at you like you've done something wrong to them. You say something and they understand you otherwise. And everything, absolutely everything, goes wrong ...

A bad day also happens when you have something important on your hands and everything falls apart. Perhaps a very relevant work activity for you. You have prepared it carefully and finally, the results are disappointing. Or an encounter with a special someone who cancels, after you already had everything ready.

No one is saved from a bad day. The truth is that you do not have to accept this, without further ado. You can always do something to improve a bad day and rescue those nightmare days. After all, it is a day of life. And as long as there is life, there are also ways to repair what is wrong.

" Success is not in always winning but in never being discouraged ."


1. A pause to improve a bad day
Stressful situations sometimes take advantage. They start with an annoyance, they continue with growing unease and when you least think about it, you're already a bundle of nerves and about to explode. If you stop stress in time,  your bad day will improve.

Every time situations that stress you come up, take a short break. And if you can, a long pause. Take advantage of it to breathe, to listen to a nice song or to read something nice. Or just take a little walk. This will help you cut through stress and think more clearly. 

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woman in front of the ocean trying to overcome a bad day

2. Refuse to do self-prophecies
That one day has a bad start does not mean that the rest will be the same. Nor does a bad time mean the beginning of bad times. However, sometimes we make the mistake of assuming that the bad is only an announcement of the worst.

Thus, without realizing it, we began to launch negative self- prophecies. We say phrases like it was better not to have gotten out of bed. Or that we have bad luck and phrases like that. When we least think about it, we are going to make those programming of our minds come true.

The key is to shift the focus from negative to positive, or at least to find possible alternatives. Looking for solutions will help us improve a bad day, instead of just sitting around doing nothing.

3. Change your body chemistry
Bad mood and stress cause chemical changes in the body. Particularly in the brain. Some hormones are activated, while others are inhibited. Now, you don't get out of that state just because. It is necessary, then, to do something so that this chemistry is modified.

One way to do this is to do a little exercise. It can be a brisk walk or some gentle routine. Also, why not, some dancing. Moving around helps you regain that lost chemical balance. Another option is to eat some healthy foods. Especially fresh fruits or vegetables. The question is to get moving.

Person walking trying to overcome a bad day

4. Focus on the constructive
You can always learn from anything that happens to you. You just need to adopt the right attitude. You just have to open your mind and ask yourself if there is any teaching in what has happened to you. What does all that say about you?

It is also important that you bring positive ideas to your mind. Think, for example, of those days when everything works out for you. Bring pleasant memories to your head. Look carefully and appreciate the good that is around you. Thank you for all this.

5. Do something higher
A bad day is also an excellent opportunity to demand more of yourself. Yes: demand more of you. If you do half an hour of exercise a day, do an hour. If you do your job normally, do it better. Spend more time and effort on it. You could also do something special for a person you haven't paid attention to.

woman with arms outstretched trying to overcome a bad day
Lying in an armchair and stopping your activities is not an option. Nor is it to spend the rest of the day denying. On the contrary: that the discomfort you feel is channeled into an additional effort. This will surely make you feel better about yourself. You will see how in the end your mood improves.

Remember that no matter what happens, a bad day also ends. Tomorrow the sun will rise again. If you have managed to cope with the circumstances, that tomorrow is going to be much better than today. It is in your hands that it be so.

A day without laughing is a day lost 

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