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aestivaclinic commented 1 month ago

Gynecomastia is a benign condition that causes an increase in the amount of breast tissue in males. This occurs due to an imbalance of hormones in a male's body. The condition may affect single or both breasts equally and sometimes unevenly. Gynecomastia can affect males of every age group. The condition is not fatal, but the enlarged breast size can cause psychological distress to the males. Gynecomastia may go away on its own, but if it persists for a longer period, then surgery is an ideal option. To get the best male breast reduction surgery in Delhi, visit Aestiva Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Delhi. The clinic offers gynecomastia surgery with the aid of latest technology for the best results. The treatment involves the removal of the breast tissue surgically to ensure permanent results. Only visit Aestiva Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic to receive an apt gynecomastia surgery in Delhi.

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