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nahoy14344 commented 5 months ago


The previous sentence is the favorite of Carlos Rodríguez, a 42-year-old bodybuilder, officer and judge from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. For 25 years now, this bodybuilder has been competing. He won his procard in September last year at the North American and we will see him compete in the Puerto Rico Pro on May 24th. Also in that same year he became a national NPC judge and an IFBB Pro League judge.

Since he was three years old, his mom had taken him to the gym with her. He was fascinated by all that and later he began to read comics entering the idea of ​​wanting to be like the Hulk. It was his escape when things were bad at home and the gym helped him not to be out on the street doing laziness.

Being in the gym is an intense and focused person, but outside he is calmer, he does not let stress attack him because his discipline strengthens him.

Carlos currently trains alone in some gyms like the Empire Gym where he also works with some of his clients and at Elev8tion Fitness. Andrew Vue is the person in charge of taking your nutrition.

Lee Haney is his greatest idol, but not just that, he is his great friend too and goes every year with him to work on the Atlanta show. Also admire other great old-school bodybuilding idols like Flex, Kevin Levrone and Dorian Yates.





Carlos, do you plan to continue competing even in many events?

As long as I can. I know that you can't last forever but I do what I can and I already have the next stage of my career on the way with the officer job.

Do you prefer to compete at home or away?

I like going out more. That way you meet different people and you can grow more in sports than always being comfortable at home.

Do you feel relaxed before competing? And once in full competition, how do you feel?

Oh yeah ..! LOL. The difficult is already done. I'm in bed relaxed all day. Posing is something I have practiced from the beginning. In that I have an advantage because I am well prepared in that.

Do you feel worn out or very hungry after competing?

Yes, the first thing I want is to drink water. I'm so dry that I have a gallon of lemonade afterward. Then comes the cheesecake . But I wait for my son. If you are not traveling with me then the moment I get home we are going to eat together. Not like that without him.

Tell us a little about what your diet is like, please:

Latin food is my favorite. Rice with beans, I prefer chicken more than red meat, sushi ... More good food but in more volume. My physique is my work and my brand. I cannot be in tremendous condition for a week and very fat the other months. For me nothing is extreme in this sport, my health is number one.

Is your tendency to be thin or to gain weight?

I am naturally skinny. I lose weight more easily. Maintaining my size is not easy for me; I am athletic but not big by nature. My genetics is more mental; I am very intense and focused. I am more willing to work hard than many others.


Do you practice any other sport today?

As a young judo, I am a blue ribbon. I practiced basket ball and baseball on the streets.

How is Puerto Rico progressing in Bodybuilding issues?

Tim Gardner is the chairman of Puerto Rico and he is doing an excellent job. We entered the NPC there about four years ago and quite a few people from the region became Pros.



My scheme is like the Dorian Yates system: 4 times a week, but with 100% intensity. So:

–Chest and biceps



–Shoulders and triceps






It's nothing different, just basic but well executed like all the champions of the past (I'm just going to describe hard work without warm-up). So:

–Reverse grip pulldown: 1 x 8 heavy and 1 x 12 light

–Barbell rows: 1 x 6-8 / 1 × 10-12

–Shrugs: 3 sets superset with pullups

–Partial deadlifts: 1 x 4-6 / 1 × 8-12

–Cable rows or machine rows: 1 x 10/1 x 15

–Hyper extensions: 3 sets

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