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Gaining muscle mass and building a lean, lean physique requires a well-planned strategy. If you follow these 10 rules you will be able to reduce fat as much as possible, while maintaining exceptional muscles.

You train hard and intensely with the aim of building a physique with powerful and defined muscles, but the results have not yet come.

What is the use of training as possessed if the routine is not suitable for us?

How are you going to gain muscle and lose fat if your diet is wrong and does not adapt to your metabolism?

It is a fact, success in bodybuilding does not depend so much on the physical effort that is invested, but on how to channel it correctly.


If you don't follow the correct rules you will lose months or even years of unsuccessful efforts, so read as many times as necessary these  10 rules to increase muscle mass without fat  until you understand them perfectly and then put them into practice to achieve your goal in the shortest possible time.


This is the first rule of all, knowing exactly what our somatotype is, since both diet and training differ substantially depending on the type of metabolism of each.

You already know that we are not all the same, but you may not know that these differences can completely alter the focus of work as well as the results.

Basically three existing morphological types are considered, although nobody presents 100% all the features of each one, but rather we have some main trends that may include features of several.

The three master lines are ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs.

The former are the classic very thin people, with light bones, long limbs, small joints, they are usually hyperactive, with little appetite, nervous and with difficulties in gaining weight.

Mesomorphs are the most likely to gain muscle, because they are endowed with medium bone structure, they are strong and muscular by nature, they have a good appetite and they assimilate what they eat well and they do not find it too fat to gain weight, although they can easily lose weight if they are they propose it. They also tend to be relatively easy to gain muscle.

The third type is represented by endomorphs who are naturally fat and bulky subjects. They have wide bones and joints, are strong and calm, have a good appetite and accumulate fat very easily.

It is imperative that you determine what qualities of one type or another prevail in you.

Are you thin, have fine bones, nervous, have little appetite? Or on the contrary, are you something fat, with wide bones, do you always have an appetite and are you calm? Or perhaps you are a mixture with some features of one and the other.

Write down on paper all your physical characteristics and then place a  1 for those that match the ectomorphs, a 2 for those that match the mesomorphic features and a  3 for those that enter the endomorph's own.

In the end you can easily determine which group you belong to the most, depending on whether you have more 1, 2 or 3.

Since both training and diet differ depending on the type of metabolism, it is common sense that you know which group you belong to in order to adopt the most appropriate measures in your case.


The first requirement of every bodybuilder is to build a general mass, as the base on which to sculpt a good physique.

To acquire muscle volume, it is necessary to work the large body areas that constitute the engine capable of increasing overall volume.

Therefore, focus primarily on stimulating your legs, back, and chest, as well as your shoulders.

Doubling the size of the arms can be very fascinating, but it may not mean increasing the body weight by more than a kilo, so working in small groups is not the way to get big. Instead, improving the mass of the back or legs can mean gaining five or six kilos of weight.

On the other hand, the way to stimulate maximum growth in large groups is not by using isolation exercises, but rather compound movements involving various joints.

Accordingly, he attacks the squats and leg press, doing four sets of 10 reps each. Dedicate the pull-ups, the barbell inclined row and the deadlift to his back. To the chest the bench press, the parallel bottoms and the openings and to the shoulders the military barbell press, the dumbbell press and the paddles to the chin. Not counting the warm-up, perform three to four sets for torso movements, between 8-10 repetitions, always trying to move as much weight as possible.

If you don't attack the centers capable of generating the increase in volume, you will never be big enough.


Unfortunately, no one is perfect or has the same genetic heritage throughout the body, but some areas are less well endowed than others, therefore, in addition to following heavy and basic work to stimulate general mass gains, you have to put the emphasis at the same time on correcting possible structural failures.

For example, examine the mirror carefully, or seek the help of someone who is objective, to detect if there is any muscle or area that is out of proportion to the rest of the body. Do you have a flat chest, very little twin or lack triceps?

Now that you are going to start to gain general mass, it is imperative to prevent it from becoming chronic if there is a disproportion, because it will become increasingly difficult to correct it. So if there is a group that lags behind, give them special treatment, training them as a priority at the beginning of the session and dedicating two weekly sessions instead of one like the rest. [Sociallocker]


Okay, you know that you should use basic exercises and heavy weights to gain mass and also that you have to avoid at all costs that if there is a disproportion this increases and ruins your proportion, but let me emphasize that it is essential that you design a specific routine for your needs and personal tastes and forget to follow the routines of others.

That means you should personalize your routine with the following points:

●     Adapt it to the most convenient training days according to your schedule.

●     Constitute it according to the somatotype of each one.

●     For example,  ectomorphs may not need to train more than three days a week, perform no more than five effective sets for the younger groups and 8-10 for the older groups, in addition to keeping repetitions at the threshold of six and eight repetitions. All this in order not to exhaust itself excessively and to be able to progress.

●     The  endomorph, or fat,  are training five days a week and make 10 series for small and 15 or 16 for large groups. These can raise repetitions up to 12 for the torso and arms and 15 for the legs.

●     Mesomorphs can stay between each other. Generally speaking, slim people have to preserve their energy levels, so they will be more conservative

with physical wear.

●     Not all the exercises adapt equally to each one, because we have different structures. Select those that are more comfortable for the joints or with which you feel better congestion.

●     Of course, schedule the training at the most convenient time for you.


It is proven: the mind works best when it is clear about the objective it intends to achieve, be it to gain two kilos of muscle or lose fat, and even more so if it knows when it has to achieve it.

So sit back and capture your goals black on white… Write them down with your achievement date!

If you have to lose a lot of weight you have to be realistic and do not expect to lose 20 kilos in a month, if so, it marks a reduction of two kilos in that time, a perfectly achievable goal that involves eliminating 10kg in five months or 20kg in ten months. Isn't that an exceptional achievement?

Believe me, when the mind is clear about what it seeks to achieve and in how long, it regroups its forces and channels them towards that achievement much better than if you go to train without having a clear objective.


Aerobic exercise is always important in any situation because it helps strengthen the cardio-respiratory system and improves peripheral circulation.

This will give us more resistance and a better transport system for oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

But it is also an extremely effective way to eliminate excess fat accumulation.

You can define your muscles without cardio, but you will do it faster and better with its help. If you do not have weight problems, two weekly sessions of half an hour will suffice, but if you want to use it to burn fat, then do a daily session of 30-40 minutes at a moderate intensity.


If you really want to create an aesthetically attractive and balanced body, remember that there are three optical axes that define the beauty and harmony of the body, these are the  shoulders, the waist and the cufflinks .

Wide shoulders, a narrow waist and round and bulky cufflinks give the human body its most beautiful lines, as well as the proportion and symmetry that define the athlete.

Keep these three points in mind when establishing your training program, because this way you will achieve a very harmonious aesthetic.


Just as training differs in each case, the same is true of diet. A slim person will not eat the same as a fat person, nor one who seeks to gain weight like another who wants to lose it.

The most difficult thing is usually to eliminate the fat weight while increasing or at least maintaining the lean. To achieve this goal, a reduction in caloric intake must be applied so that it is less than the body's expenditure.

The most effective strategy is to reduce excessively high calorie foods, such as fats, as well as those that provide a lot of energy, such as carbohydrates and other sugars, while compensating for this reduction by an  increase in the protein that induces a higher metabolic cost .

With the reduction of energy and caloric foods and the elevation of body expenditure through physical exercise (including cardiovascular) we will reach a caloric deficit that the body will balance obtaining the energy it lacks from its fat reserves and thus the progressive reduction of subcutaneous fat stocks.


If you follow a low calorie diet in which you eliminate bread, everything related to pastries and pastries, animal fats, sausages, sauces, preserves, fast food products such as hamburgers, sausages, pizzas, junk food, etc. you are tempted from time to time, take  a break once every seven days .

It has been shown that following a low calorie diet (very low calories) for a long period of time slows down the metabolic rate that will become defensive and will burn fewer and fewer calories, in addition to conserving fat deposits.

Therefore, it is convenient from time to time to surprise the body with a high caloric intake that activates the metabolism and can return it to its fat burning mode to produce energy.

So on a Sunday, for example, forget about your diet and enjoy one of those forbidden dishes in moderation, because that will stimulate metabolism, while providing mental relaxation and renewing your desire to return to the established program.


In the face of an arduous undertaking such as building a muscular and fat-free physique, all help is welcome. Mesomorphs are the luckiest to modify their body, but in any case they are not without effort either. There are natural ways to speed up and magnify results.

For those who want  to increase muscle mass  the protein supplements are an excellent way to get protein without fats or sugars and a multivitamin-mineral complex is useful to avoid possible deficiencies.

These are neither more nor less than formulas made up of  natural substances , generally particles extracted from plants or food (Whey = Whey; Soy; Egg, etc.) and that once combined synergistically with each other, have great effects on the organism.

These types of compounds are called nutraceuticals, because they are halfway between nutrients and drugs by virtue of their actions.

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