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boemarine786 commented 5 months ago

How Deep Is It I Have Often Asked Myself How Does It Look Underground Or Because Of That I Hadn't Written That For The Echo Sounder And What We Are Going To Check Today Is Open On The Case Shiller My Name Is The Program Of Video Check Today In A New Edition From Life Joy About A Depth Gauge Or Around Hein Heckroth And Around GPS Fish Finder The Garden 24 With Gps The Question Clearly Why With Gps Simple Story We Know How Fast I Am How Many Kilometers I Missed The Day And When I Do Here You Wanted To Go In This Question Who Would I Like To Know Where The Cash Register Can Be Pressed And Where Is It The Man Fell Overboard So That The Engine Roars Naturally Slow Rhythm Were How The Whole Thing Looks Even Graphically Displayed Marine GPS.




You Can Also Show It Or You Can Do Pretty Much Anything With The Device. We Have The Option Of Doing All Of This Here Pay Overload In Search And So On The One With The Area Comes Back Fresh Says Klopp Several Fish There You Can See But Immediately The Depth We See Below The Reason The Depth Is Then Stand Alone That Means Marine Navigation We Have 270 From Keel To The Bottom He'll Find It Again Now I Should Have The Matter We Can See Our Pace You Can Of Course Also Several Settings We Can Only Display Numbers Leave As For Example The Pace In It Was Just In The Idle The Titles Would Currently Water Temperature And So On That Could Of Course Everything Here Menu We Can Change The Whole Numbers, For Example, Instead Of Gps Pace Life Here Travel Average Speed In Bike Etc Garmin Fish Finder GPS.




You Can Adjust Everything Again As The Main Reasons Purely Because The Traditional Display Has The Handle Then We Can Use Our Butcher Ad Then We Have It Here Again Our Games Frequency But On 200 Kilo Action On 770 Kilohertz Then We Have Our Map We Can Show Us, We Can Also Zoom Out There We Can Also See Where The Last Drive Was Thanks To Gps, Of Course, You Can Draw The Courses On Deep Lines Set A Mission With The Map And Points Of Conflict, For Example From The Slip System So That GPS Fish Finder Garmin We Can Find It Back Or Special Holes That Are Seen Somewhere But Now There Is Probably No Offer On The Way Then You Can Only Mark Everything You Can Plan The Routes The Only Thing I Miss Now Is That You Could Insert The Tech Indicator Afterwards That You Can Use The Whole Thing As A Brisk.




But At The Price It Will Be Completely Fine Who, Incidentally, In The Course Of The Post That Interests Me, I Have The Link From Behind Via The Info Box Packed In, Make Sure That You Don't Order A Corner Without Gps Who Really Impeccable 20$ Difference What It Is From Price And There You Have It Much More Use The Speed And So Here The Settings Can We Set The System Alarm And So It Was For Navigation, For Example, Fish Finder GPS Combo Arrival Tanker Offset So If We Go To Example Anchor And The Attacker Ripped Out And What Is It Called System Alarm Gps Accuracy Or Of Course From The Echo Sounder Shallow Water Water Temperature Is Of Course Practical If We Say That Goes Into The Minus Area Then Please Give Us An Alarm Because Then We Cannot Ride Of Course I Ask You Right Away That I Did Not Lay The Cable Got A Little Bit Annoyed In The Cable Which Definitely Didn't Give Her That Chartplotter Fishfinder.




I Am Allowed To Make Cables And Such Notes Are Very Important A Bit Annoyed But Later Gave Him More About That Whether Garmin GPS Marine It Is Very Easy To Bid Now Means Fishing Again Loading That Makes Everybody We Were Here A Nice Water Depth Three Meters We Also See Every Bump Interesting You Have To Davos Flat If The Next Fish Is Finally Interesting You Want Me This Will Be In Cannes In Shallow Water Lame Next To Here Are Set Generously With That You Can Test We Also See How Deep That Is 120 150 Below The Keel We Have About 80 Centimeters Of Course Is Not Very Deep Up To A Maximum Of 140 You Can Drive Here But In Reality 120 Deep And Demonstrated If You Look Over Here Quickly As I Said, Floor Is Nice That We See How Fast We Drive And We See How The Underground Is Like How Deep It Is Here And Here In Front In The Back There Is The Culvert The Sg For The Municipalities We Also See Like That Garmin Fishfinder GPS Combo.




Here Suddenly Rises Briefly, We Can Also In Between Zoom In And Out And We Found In Fish Then We Can Of Course Locate Here In The Crosshair And The Saved Then Move On To Coordinates Again My Personal Favorite Is This One Display Here Because He Is Not Constantly Looking At The Talk That Leads To It That You Can See What's Going On Makes GPS Depth Finder Combo You A Little Bit Nervous Because The Mine Depth How Much Space Is Under The Keel And I Have Mine Pace And The Most Important Thing Again Is The Time Water Temperature And In My Eyes That's What You Actually Need Of Course It Is Practical For Fishing Or If You Want To See What's Going On Like I Procure This Here But In Principle It Does That Just A Little Kikeriki What Is Good Is The One Overboard Function Eg Here We Push Man Overboard So We Told Us.




Navigating There Only Showed Us Where We Were Going In The Direction Of The Fall And Up Here He Shows Us Other Times We Should Change Course I Sweated Cool Thing Especially For The Price Can Rethink In The Closet What You Have The Bigger Version With Bigger Display Some Of It Was No Longer Functions, It Was Simply GPS Marine Navigation A Larger Display What I Would Have Liked To Have A Touch Surface But So Man Can A Good Menu Through Gestures Respond Well I Think It's Great That The Alarms Can Be Set And That They Can Also Be Activated And So On So You Save The Anchor Alarm App And Therefore Actually In In My Eyes, This Is A Cool, Inexpensive And High-Quality Method For Dealing With The Crisis To Find His Wishes And, Most Importantly, Overboard Somewhere Press The Button On The Lake And You Can Definitely Tell Where From Moving Out At Ehec Think It's Hard To See Where You Were Only That It Just Happened That You Watch The Game With The Speed Camera Too Speedometer And Hopes You Drove So Fast GPS Fish Finder.




But Don't Know Exactly How You Should Press The Possibility Right Away And Can Give Precise Information And So You Also Have A Little Lifesaver On Board Otherwise I Of Course Say Warmly Beforehand That It Wasn't Itchy Because I Got Away Assume Marine GPS That It Fits But It Is Sometimes Really Frightening Like Little Space Around And A Lot Is We Have A Whole Boggy Area If You Bet That It Is Not True At All That Makes Everything Easier In The Face Of Broken You Have To See If The Animals See The Filter Somehow And Therefore The Engine May Feel But Otherwise Nothing Happens So Willing Now And Look At Us Who Participated That Is Assembled As I Did It I Even Had To Drill Without Drilling, The Whole Jacket Is Supposed To Show The Whole Thing Is Jagged Out Here Without The Bathing Platform There Below I Have A Lip, So To Speak, The Second Guard Platform Or Water And As You Can See Here Marine Navigation.




I Have Glued It In This Way You Have To Send That To The Lid On It The Cable Goes Into The Clean The Engine Compartment So There Is No Need To Drill A Hole And The Entrance Is Above Water There Are Also Boats Where You Can Mount The Whole Thing In The Hull There Is Extra Assembly Evidence Garmin Fish Finder GPS For And That Who Should Only Be Good At Gfk That Is The Ultrasonic Waves Or What Is There That Goes Through The Jerk And The Only Disadvantage Is That You No Longer Have That Much Depth Creative Fairs But I Think That It Is Not So Super Important To Take Them Can Measure Positively It's More About Not Knowing You Can Also Get The Air From The Keel The Giver With One Mount The Screw Clamp Because The Ship Was Already In The Water As The Encoder My Complete Came From A Ship That Definitely Came Whole Screwed Tightly Sealed With Anti Fouling And I Got Myself Then Decided On An Aluminum Screw Clamp And The Whole Of Course Underlaid Again With Rubber So That It Is Not Attacked In Any Way GPS Fish Finder Garmin.




Starts To Bum And As I Said With A Bride To Here With A Magnet Allegedly Not Go Because The Magnet Probably Interferes With This Lifter Whether That Is So And Already Fish Finder GPS Combo I Do Not Know Where You Said You Said The Cable Goes Then In The Back Through The Engine Compartment So Under Bed Past Here The Engine And Right Up To Here It Was Enough There Was The Cable To End And I Have Only Thinks About Cutting The Cable And Then Wearing It With A Degree And Lets Recognize That Connecting Once Should Not Work Because That One Dedicated Cable Is And Therefore The Extension Must Order 40$ For Three Meters Extra Costs The Last Three Meters Here Again High Up At The Wheel Stone Up Here And There The Cable Comes Out And Go In At The Back The Power Supply Is Then Completely Chartplotter Fishfinder.

Normal Over 12 Volts And I Personally Find It A Cool Story You See What's Down There And You Also See.




That The Evil Can Be The Deep Check Out And Just Like Here On The Edge I Disappointed But Checked That Really Goes To The Centimeter Almost Exactly The Part And I'm On Every Case Mega Impressed By Clear Minus From Under The Keel It Is Always Better Not Nothing Here No Hole In Kelheim Born Because Of Course Calls Somewhere First I Drive We Can Adjust The Depth Of That Donor And Thus You Can Compute Space Or In Keel And I Fixed It Is Really Easy To Use, Garmin GPS Marine Even Without Instructions Google Clearly That Does Not Look Ugly Is Really Robust Built The Display Is Big Enough We Can See The Numbers Here What Does He Tell Us Shallow Water Alone Ten Centimeters Or Keel Or Are Actually How We Weigh On This So This Is Here I Can Go In Here.




I Go The Water Goes To Me Here And It Is Missing A Little Further But Here On The Edge We Really Don't Have Much Space Under The Keel Water Temperature And So On Can Let Us Garmin Fishfinder GPS Combo Show I Go Through The Menus Again Briefly Here Of Course Our Sonar Then We Have Our Flash Indicator For What It Is Always Good Then We Have Our Playing Frequency When There Are Two Of Us Frequencies Once The 770 Once The 200 Can Of Course Also Be Adjusted Manually Then Our Map With Deep Zones And So On Then We Have Ours Here We Can Provide A Map And Our Sonar User Data Waypoints Routes And So On Manage Files Settings Main Menu Adjust And So On For Me Personally As I Said That Pay In The Best Of The State You Really Took Permanently And Civil Engineering Adjust You Know In Any Case You You Have To Be Careful There Are Softer Said Underground Is So Bad We Have To Touch It Down. GPS Depth Finder Combo But Of Course The Carbon Had Always Liked And Beautiful Thing I Hope Could Even Help You I Think It Is A Cool Share For Relatively Little Money Whoever Is Interested In Our Video In The Info Box Also Links That Extension Cable The Original Cable Now Has A Length Of I Mean That Were Around 5 Meters Because You Don't Get That Far There Shouldn't Be Any Only Three Meters From The Donor And As I Said Without The Extension It Doesn't Work That The Right One Comes A Vote Again In Any Case, Not Just As If Any Alternate Data From The Alternator I Hope You Will Like The Short Video About My Ego Look Device From Garmin And I Would Say Again Tomorrow The Video Check But Should Also Of Course Leave It There GPS Marine Navigation.




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