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mitchcute commented 1 month ago


Many compare yesterday's day, in which the Austrian Felix Baumgartner, jumped in a free fall from the stratosphere with which he lived more than 40 years ago when man reached the moon. Comparisons, more than hateful or not, are unavoidable, so when compared we can compare this leap to which many people, countries or companies should take in order for there really to be "before and after".



In the two and a half hours it took for the capsule to go up into the stratosphere, I have allowed myself to compile 10 simple lessons, which this feat has inspired me:


1) Keep your dream in mind every day of your life: Felix has a defining message tattooed on one of his arms: “Born to fly”.


2) Courage is an essential companion to achieve your dream: Felix is ​​known as "Fearless Felix" (Felix without fear)


3) Do not let the bureaucracy separate you from your dream: Felix in the Army showed his nonconformity, abandoned the armed forces because he did not feel comfortable being subjected to military discipline and having to obey some "stupid" orders.


4) The path to your dream is not always a path of roses : Some of the jumps that Felix had previously made were illegal, which in addition to the challenge of landing safely, in some cases an unbridled race to escape the police and not end up in a dungeon.


5) Your dream must not only make sense to you, but also to others: Red Bull classifies the mission as scientific and the athlete considers that crucial information on the reaction of the human body can be obtained for future space missions


6) No matter how much confidence you have in yourself, let others help you: A medical team and experts in aeronautical engineering have developed the “Strata Mission” with Baumgartner for five years, and the capsule and pressurized suit they have created protected him in a hostile environment for life.


7) Success does not come overnight: Since 1988 he has collaborated with Red Bull, the current sponsor of the so-called "strata mission", and who has financed most of his adventures.


8) It is never too late to fulfill your dream: Its main advisor was the record holder, broken today, of parachute jump from the highest altitude: Joe Kittinger, 84, who was thrown in 1960 when he was a member of the Forces US Navy from a height of 31 kilometers. Joe has actively participated in the project, fulfilling his dream of seeing his record broken.


9) As long as there is an objective for the common good, the barriers are to be broken: We want to extend the limits of humanity a little more, ”said Baumgartner hours before the challenge began. Baumgartner would have exceeded the speed of sound about 30 seconds after initiating the free fall, reaching 1,173 kilometers per hour


10) It does not matter so much when, but to do it well: The jump was scheduled for last Tuesday, October 9, but due to weather conditions it was delayed until Sunday, October 14, and even Sunday itself at the end of the jump, Each and every one of the necessary checks has been made so that everything turns out perfect, moments in which many of us have eaten more than our nails!


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