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She is an outstanding girl for her intelligence and beauty, where her precious stamp causes a stir, Alejandra Lazarte is an obligatory reference in the Argentine Fintess, fame that has already transferred to international levels and for this reason she was summoned for the famous Cuaima Team.

And it is that Lazarte is one of the queens of social networks in Argentina and internationally it also makes itself felt with its many followers.

"I was summoned and chosen by the great Luis Bottini, who for me was something unexpected, I still do not fall from the emotion, so I will represent Argentina and it is an immense pride, as I said previously, 'I do not fall' but happy in what I will give and I will leave everything to be the best competitor of 2018; I am to give everything and more if I wear the Argentine shirt.




The closest thing to Lazarte's horizon is his participation this week, that is, on August 18, 2017, in the Argentine Championship in Buenos Aires and then take his next step, the South American IFBB Argentina 2017.

Regarding his next challenge, he told us: "I am going to compete in the Argentine Championship in the Bikini Low Size 1.60 division and in the Bikini Master division."

Alejandra Lazarte, within her knowledge and experience in these sports competitions, took her sabbatical year, that is, she was absent for a season of the platforms in order to reinvent herself as a professional in her area, as a person and as an athlete to present an improved version of her, and boy did she succeed, you will be able to see and appreciate in this interview how she has refined her slim figure.

“I took a vacation to be able to achieve other goals and objectives in which they help me to become a professional in what I want to do for my future, but eating healthy and doing gymnastics is a healthy habit; a healthy lifestyle that I chose for my whole life.

Fitness and Bodybuilding is a day-to-day job, that is the sum of a great change, I am not talking about a perfect body, but about self-esteem accompanied by health, it is becoming aware of being yourself the greatest life project without putting excuses ”.




I know that you are very simple, very modest and you do not like to boast, but at first glance you are a sexy woman, what is it for you to be sexy?

For me the parameter of a sexy woman is the woman who has an attitude and knows how to combine being elegant and feminine, being sexy or attractive does not mean showing off a cleavage, etc. A woman must be an entrepreneur and I tell you with great morality that you can.

I am a coach, apart from being a businesswoman because I am selling my own brand of girdles and soon my thermal creams; I am also a graphic model, my image represents aesthetics, gym and hairdressing; I am a Nutrition student and I take many Sports Nutrition courses, I also do healthy cooking courses and even with all that I have time to train in order to improve my body and take care of my health, so friends there are no excuses, if you You have self-esteem, find a way to exercise yourself ”.



Chicken or fish breast

Green vegetables

Egg whites

Whey protein

Rice crackers


Green Tea



Coconut lined





Squats: 3 x 20

Lunges: 30 steps (round trip)

Pulley kick: 3 x 20 (with each leg)

Femoral chair: 3 x 20

Quadriceps chair: 3 x 15

Calves: 3 x 20

Press: 3 x 20


Drink plenty of water daily, remember that we are made up of 72% water. Doing so will hydrate the body, and help its health.

Have a good night's rest, and if possible a short nap during the day.

Do cardio for at least 20 minutes every day.

Eat at least 5 times a day so that the body assimilates nutrients better and so that your metabolism stays active and thus being able to burn fat.

Perform static stretches of your worked muscles during and at the end of your training.


NAME AND LAST NAME: Alejandra Lazarte

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 04/30/81 in Tucumán, Argentina

COMPETITION WEIGHT: 48 kg, off-season weight: 52 kg

HEIGHT : 1.58

MEASURES : 90-58-95






INSTAGRAM : @alecitalazarte

FACEBOOK : Alejandra Lazarte


—November 2015 Córdoba Capital, Argentina: Cordobés Tournament, 3rd., Place Bikini Talla Baja and 3rd., Place Bikini. Master

—March 2016 Buenos Aires Capital, Argentina: Open Capital, 4th, placed in Senior Bikini Low Size and Argentine Selection for the Arnold Classic Brazil 2016

—April 2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Arnold Classic was among the 15 best Low Sizes of 1.60


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