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Building materials
Many different building materials are essential for Construction. The most basic things include planks, nails, products of cloth, soft clay, and also steel bars.

Planks are required for almost every furnishings item. Planks can be bought from the other players or created from firelogs. To make planks, players need to visit the Plank maker inside Taverley or the Sawmill user north-east of Varrock with the Lumberyard, shown by the star on the minimap. They can switch logs into planks for the fee. The sawmill user also sells bolts of material, nails, and saws. As an option to the sawmill operator, typically the Plank Make Lunar cause can be used to create planks via logs and coins plus the Portable Sawmill. However the cause costs runes and money which together cost more when compared with using the services of the sawmill driver. The downside to this is the "mills" only last for 5 minutes every and will have to be obtained through Treasure Hunter or within the Grand Exchange.
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Nails can be smithed by players from various kinds metal bars ranging from bronze to rune. Additionally, the actual Sawmill operator sells bronze, iron, and steel fingernails. When constructing objects utilizing nails, there is a possibility which players will bend the nail. Bent nails are generally destroyed and cannot be hauled. With higher level nails for instance rune, bending nails comes about less often. Since there is no expertise advantage between the types of fingernail, and higher level nails are very pricey, most players prefer applying iron nails or stainlesss steel nails. When building walnut items or better, fingernails or toenails are not used because the person creates joints to hold cedar plank together instead.


Soft clay
Soft clay can be used to make fireplaces and ponds in Construction, but is mainly used in the Study to make teleport tablets. Soft clay can be bought on the Grand Exchange for 488 coins each. It can also be made by players in several ways.
Using clay with any water source
Using the Humidify Lunar spell on clay
Mining clay while wearing a bracelet of clay
Mining it directly in Prifddinas


Steel bars
Steel bars have to build many of the larger furniture, especially ones that contain metallic. They can be created using the Smithing skill or they can be purchased from the Grand Exchange for any price of 762 coins every.


Advanced materials
Higher level home furniture often requires special superior materials. These materials could be harder to obtain and are a lot more expensive. These include gold actually leaves, limestone bricks, marble pads, and magic stones.


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