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coteolivia commented 1 year ago

In a profession where these experts are hired just to reveal the secrets that a normal looking house has kept from you. We will discuss in brief, a little about the secrets that no one but the experts can reveal. Here have a look:

Successful Property Inspection Service Providers Receive Referrals From Realtors: 
Fuelling the perception is the fact of referrals. Successful home inspectors receive referrals from Realtors. A home inspection cannot thrive without them. For some, the term “independent” becomes tied with the idea that the inspector does not rely on Realtors, yet I know that all home inspectors have connections with Realtors. Can a butcher do his job without a connection from a rancher? It is the nature of the business. What you should understand that an inspector using the term independent is that the inspector is not going to allow others to sway the findings in the report, and most inspectors will fall into this category.

Inspector Has No Financial Motive
In states like Texas, home inspectors are not allowed to work on the homes that they inspect. So, this takes them out of the idea of having any financial motive to lie in the reports.

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