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techenoid123 commented 1 year ago

Tableau is considered an important tool in the field of business intelligence. It is the most sought-after data analytics and visualization app amid many businesses. It is considered vital for all data-science-associated tasks. This is because the tool offers the greatest diagnostic experience in data visualization based science for end users.

Objectives of the course

The main objective of the Tableau training course is to make learners to be acquainted with all its beneficial features, particularly with its user interface. The interface of the tool comes with the simple drag-and-drop feature. Learning about this feature will allow students to have the greatest ability to categorize, sort, contrast, and examine data from numerous sources, including SQL Server, Excel, as well as data repositories from the cloud.

Another aim of the training is to make participants know the way to use Tableau Desktop for analyzing and displaying data. Through this familiarity, they will be capable of making knowledgeable decisions driven from the captured data for the welfare of an organization. The course has been designed with the sole aim of allowing participants to find out the way of installing Tableau, connecting the tool to the data resources, and sorting and filtering their data.

Additionally, the participants will be demonstrated with the way about creating and maneuvering data visualizations, such as highlighting charts, tables, scatter plots, maps, histograms, and dashboards. The course also educates them to know the way to share their visualizations through the web.

Some of the other objectives of the course include:

  1. Let students understand the architecture of Tableau Desktop and the way to use the tool in real time.

  2. Let learners know the basics of Tableau statistics and master the interactive dashboard of the tool.

  3. Allow the participants to specialize in the creation of Tableau reports, maps, graphs, table calculation, etc.

  4. Let delegates master the bizarre field types as well as the generated fields of Tableau.

  5. Let partakers understand R Connectivity with the Tableau tool.

Another aim of the training is to enable students to know the way to see and appreciate the data of a business in a better way.

The right candidate to do the course

The Tableau training course is appropriate for those working as a:

  • Data Scientist, BI Professional, and testing expert.

  • Business Analyst, Statistician, and Project Manager.

  • Data Visual Analysts Specialist.

It is also quite useful for students fresh from their colleges as well as for people working in the field to hone their skills further.

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