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techenoid commented 1 year ago

Why learn Datastage?

The world is changing rapidly and it is high time that people should start inclining towards those businesses which has a high scale of growth. The datastage course involves various things and skills which will lead you to the highest peak of success. The course helps you in getting deployed in IBM ETL tool which is used for analyzing business and reporting. This course is very versatile and accessible tools can be cast-off to work any data source like MS excel, csv etc. the integration of data process creation is conceded by using the graphical editor which eradicates the difficulty of writing code. The right training of datastage course will get you to the great enterprises which will pay you at the high salaries. Also this is commonly used come into action by financial houses, chains of retails etc.

What are the objectives of our Datastage online course?

There are various objectives on which the course focuses on. An ETL tool (datastage) delivers the skill to achieve extract, transform and load (ETL) operations in the several sources to several targets, counting the DB2 for z/OS. It chains the collection, transformation and mixing of high volumes of data with data combining of simple and highly complex form. The training of the course enables the developers the supreme speed, elasticity and efficiency in building the data, deploying it and updating to managing it. The objective of the course is also to cover all the components of the study which makes the life of the learner easy in very sense. Techenoid will help you in getting all the knowledge of the online training course, you need to worry about anything with techenoid.

What skills will you learn with our Datastage Certification Training?

The Techenoid datastage training will help you to get through the course thoroughly. By getting all the skills of the course one will be able to master the ETL tool. Here are some skills which will help you to master the course:

  • One will get to know about IBM datastage, its features and architecture.

  • Copy, sort, filter, head, tail, aggregator, merge and lookup stage are the skills which will undergo the course training.

  • The implementation of the datastage design.

  • You will be taught about the datastage parallelism, file storage, and transformer stage.

  • The learner will also get a job or project to create a sample datastage.

  • The skills of debugging, and extraction using Teradata connector will also undergo the training process.

techenoid commented 1 year ago

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