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techenoid commented 1 year ago

Why learn MSBI?

Microsoft is considered as one of the most advanced developer of Business Intelligence software and tools and is one of the trusted companies in the world. Microsoft business intelligence is one of the most powerful suites of data integration, data reporting and information analysis having “touch” technology, most advanced UI and attractive design and development. With the use of MSBI applications, any business can do data discovery, data collaboration and get usage management capabilities with the backdrop of SQL Server that’s why it is used by almost every organization in the world.

Microsoft also offers enormous and lucrative job opportunities for the professionals that are trained in BI in a correct way, helping the people to make their carrier a huge success. Also, the courses in the MSBI training will help the learners to pass the developer and administrator certification easily and become a professional in every work relating to Business Intelligence.

What are the objectives of our MSBI online course?

The main objective of the MSBI training is to make students understand the concepts of business intelligence solutions, custom reporting and data transformations solutions. The other major objectives of the course are as follows.

  1. Understand Microsoft business intelligence Architecture.

  2. Knowledge of data modeling, representation and transformation.

  3. Usage of Multidimensional modeling, ETL and Transformations in SSIS.

  4. Cognizance of SSAS, SSIS and SSRS Architecture and their parts.

  5. Knowledge of OLAP database and tables in SSAS.

  6. Knowledge of data stream transversely finished parts test.

Another objective of MSBI training course is to make students prepare for Business Intelligence Certification Exam. You will be taught through the projects as well with techenoid, which will enhance your skills and knowledge for the MSBI training course. The projects are based on real business situations.

What skills will you learn with our MSBI certification training?

Joining the MSBI training course provides various benefits to the learners and also provides various specialized skills that can help the learners to work with the business intelligence tool easily in an independent way. Below is the list of skills that can be acquired with the help of MSBI training course.

  1. Managing and monitoring the workflow of Business Intelligence.

  2. Implementation of the data warehouse

  3. Administration of the Microsoft SQLS.

  4. Designing the Business Intelligence solutions.

  5. Arrangement of BI Interface

  6. Data extraction and Transformation skills.

Who should take this MSBI training course?

There are no specialized skills and experience required to join the training course. The people who are in the below mentioned job roles can be greatly benefitted from the training.

  • Business Intelligence developers

  • Business Analyst

  • Data mining Experts

  • ETL and SQL developers

The people who desire to make a career in business intelligence can also join this course. There is no need of prior requirements for the online course.

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